Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


lower mp, just so gemstone can be useful again


Gotta admit, kind of a fair point there. Mostly everyone would prefer +110hp over +6def, which makes gemstone obsolete if one were to get a sourcestone instead.

There’s also the other side of the coin where sourcestone should rightfully be better with its hp boost than gemstone because it comes from a much harder boss than the twilight archmage, therefore making its stats reasonable. It’s kind of like how rags is a rare ST as well as golem garms, but because the latter comes from a much harder dungeon, it is rightfully an upgrade from rags.

Maybe instead of a nerf to sourcestone, a slight buff to gemstone might do the trick. What would the buff be? Idk, I suck at balancing things, but it’s a potential alternative xP


giving the gemstone wis would be a great buff imo


tru but gem is cool on prot priest ngl


@Williambb lol look what i found


I actually like the arena


Please rescind this flag, because this is an opinion. There’s nothing that warrants a flag here, just conflicting opinions.


It just need more enemies/bosses to be fun…


Godlands is getting boring, we need more Gods.


Shatters is the worst dungeon: It can be cleared, or you could rush, or you could fuck other people with drags. If you’ve done them publicly you know that the last option is by far the most common, and in discords the middle option is the only option. In the end it’s entitled people who have had the opportunity to learn how to be good shitting on people who haven’t and will never get the chance to learn like people originally did when the dungeon came out.


Ninja is a very good class.


A 4/8 (or 5/8 for wismod) character can do 95% of the things an 8/8 can do.

8/8’ing is pointless from a financial standpoint.


Having to deal with those drags makes the dungeon fun though. The generation is always the same (except for the type of foes that spawn), and the thing that adds spice to the dungeon is that you never know when someone’s gonna drag monsters on you, creating those short bursts of challenge that make a game fun.


More like people who don’t care about shitting up public dungeons because they are in guilds that host a ton of private ones.

Shatts as a whole is a giant middle finger to f2p players (see also: lavawalking), and it’s hilarious that, considering Kabam’s track record, it’s impossible to tell whether they made it that way on purpose or by accident.


Nah they probably made it like that on accident, but were too fucking lazy to fix it. Hell the dungeon itself reeks of laziness, from the splattered on tiles/objects to the shit enemy placement and garbage level design.

Plus that little content drought that lasted for 2 years before DECA took over.

(lair of shaitan is best dungeon tho)


I hear you but at the same time these are the people who thought healing pets and removing pot drops from godlands (to boost key sales) were good ideas, so in the end it’s kinda 50/50 on laziness vs greed (and probably both).


I feel like this has probably been posted on this exact thread somewhere already, but here’s my hot take -

You only hate this game because your pet means it’s too easy (and therefore, you never die), not because you particularly hate DECA or kabams influence on the game.


I mean, I really enjoy my npe knight I made a day ago or so, you may have a point


And who do you think put functional pets in the game?


I almost put “game design” instead of “influence” because I thought someone would say that…

Most people would agree that this game was “alive” only when it was on financial life support.

Edit: Kabam. Kabam did it. Kabam added pets to monetize the game (or they’d otherwise shut it down, as Msellers confirmed), which most everyone would agree, in some capacity, killed a fundamental aspect of RotMG.