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UT trading and laissez faire RWT were good for the game.


spectral should be the highest DPS leather armor and not garments or ninja st armor.


Unfortunately, from what I understand, the Unity port will have no effect on pservs because they run on their own servers and clients on flash. When flash does in 2020 things might change.


That’s what I said, yes.


That’s what i meant


A lot of the older sprites could use some touch ups to make them fit more in line with newer content in terms of quality. Some of them are just plain bad and are missing animations they should have. A lot of the undead lair enemies feel lifeless because of this. Having a few reapers in udl rush towards you could be scary for a new player, sure, but it could be alot more scary with them swinging their scythes at you. Here’s an example of a reshade I did of an enemy from the abyss.


I spent 60 (euros) to get my second rare pet maxed, to fuse with my other rare pet, to get legendary and to evolve the 1st ability of that legendary to level 78 (wich is not really that much, I think).
After feeding all my pet from 78 to 90 without spending gold, I concluded, months after, that pets make the game too easy and less interesting and fun.

I even believe more people would play the game If pets were not a thing at all, because of the fact that pets takes loots of investment wich can be a drawback to newcomers.

Also, although heroic dungeons are still easy… at least they make what was once realm. And LH would be more interesting to do if everybody didn’t use pets at all.

I believe some classes, although the buffs they recieved over the time were nice, would be finally loved once again, accepted and given relevance.

I woud like to see if Deca would have the courage to make a vote system to see if people want pets to keep being a thing or not (since they really are a good source of income and Deca needs money to survive, but maybe could also get more money, if new and old players came in, idk).


Lol I use a max uncommon pet till I max vit


I’ve seen several screenshots of [redacted] and it looks to me like they’ve stolen just about every single sprite they possibly could get from prod. these days the oryx sprite bundle represents a very small portion of the massive list of sprites prod uses, the rest are unique to rotmg. which means that they have indeed stolen most (if not all) of prod’s sprites regardless of whether or not they paid oryxdesignlab.

also let’s be honest, if they’re stealing as much as they are already I highly doubt they’d try to actually pay for the oryx sprite bundle.


Ultimately, the voice of the 10 or 20% that spent money on the game will matter more to DECA than the 80 or 90% who haven’t paid at all.

I spent $78 on this game (in 3 separate installments of $20, they charge $6 per subway card transaction lmao). I personally don’t want my pet nerfed, even though it’d probably be good for the game balance.


How much of the Oryx sprite bundle did Realm even use?



How much have you chief >.>


If you don’t like playing with a pet just unequip it. I don’t understand why everyone complains that pets make this game broken if you don’t like it don’t use them.


I think the main concern is that even if you unequip your own pet, other people still have theirs equipped, and this means that those with pets will have a huge advantage in gameplay compared to those without; they can go deep on an enemy and stay there, spam their abilities and rush things that they otherwise would be unable to. Pets give a huge advantage to the player, which are felt both by that player and by those around them.


Well people who complain about the pets seem to be concerned with how easy the game is with them. Competing with pets would be the biggest challenge yet and if that’s what they want well great. But if they are more concerned with trying to obtain loot like most people are they are going to have to equip a pet to compete. You can’t complain and not have to make sacrifices to obtain what you want.


A lot of people are more concerned with having fun then they are with just getting loot, and see the imbalance pets have caused as something that is preventing them from fully experiencing the game. People don’t want to have to compete; they want the game to return to the cooperative state it was pre-Kabam.


Maybe this one is just me, but I’ve already felt that, unless they also start implementing different status effects into earlier parts in the game (some easy examples include a lot of monsters having silenced instead of quiet, including septavius and sprite god), I’d rather just… have them keep them as like, a legacy thing. There’s not many reminders in game of Wildshadow I can think of, and the (hilariously awfully) poor sprites in the majority of the early game remind me of that. I also like to think that one can (mostly) look at how well-sprited an enemy is, to gauge how much of a threat it is.


Do you think the majority of realm players who joined post WS could adapt to that playstyle?