Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Bold of me to assume that you haven’t spent any money on this game xD


I’ve spend 0 dollars on the game


How is that an “opinion”?


Pretty much, ty.


I don’t know. I personally think that pets are good, but the rest of the game should be balanced around them (DECA has been making good steps in this direction, imo).


I like that pun my good sir.


Btw, petyard upgrade costs should be drastically lowered, they’re too fucking high, and I had to spend real munis to get my divine yard.


a hot take, hotter than the last: The servers don’t necessarily suck as bad as everyone thinks they do, they have to deal w/ the sheer number of players all in uss, usw2 or wherever else people happen to be - combine that w/ an 8 year old flash game, and… yeah. I don’t care how good/refined the code is, if it’s running on flash and you have 120+ people in a halls, someone is going to lag into their death, a DC or get kicked to char select because they refuse to play the game the way it was intended. If people didn’t all crowd into one or two servers to either trade or do weekend chest events, a lot less people would be complaining about the servers.


That’s a pretty good summary of the game’s main issues. Along with the Unity release, parts of the code are being rewritten from scratch, which will help significantly, though some parts (server-side, if I’m not mistaken) will continue to be spaghetti code.


Luckily for you, you won’t have to. Because it isn’t.


Just die a lot. Lol.


No, do you think I want my 20 thousand 6/8s and 8/8s to die just so I can expand my petyard by 1 pixel and feed my pet some garbage piss in a cup that’ll only give it gonorrhea and inbreed to only have slightly faster skills?

(I’m really paranoid and clingy when it comes to my characters though, so I’ll rarely sacrifice them for fame just for my pet yard).


Is it an unpopular opinion to think that marks shouldn’t be stackable?


Not amongst players it isn’t


It’s not like you’re the only player ever to have had that opinion but it’s probably unpopular enough to qualify, yes.


So you would rather spend money to upgrade a pet yard, where you could instead kill some characters to get 50k is better?


It’s time efficient atleast, so in that sense it’s better. But it’s way too expensive gold and fame wise so it doesn’t even matter really.

You mean around 25 characters who have atleast 2k Base Fame (Not counting bonuses) and killing them? :////


As a priest player, never heal for people that shout it at you, I tend to only heal myself and people who are blinking, but the moment that that they say
HP or Heal me proest or some other degrading term then they lose their right to be healed. Dunno if this is unpopular tho


my mentality when playing priest is that if i am at full or almost full mana, i am not really in any immediate danger, and someone near me has mid-low health, i pop them a heal.

Also normally i notice that ppl don’t ask for heals, but it might be different for you.


Yeah, most people dont do it anymore, which is good