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hunt > arch

dont @ me


Exactly, it doesn’t make sense that the skill curve of this game goes strictly down hill after the first couple weeks of gameplay. Look, without pets the game is tedious, but modifications to Vit and Wis’ regeneration effects would go miles for this game as well as No pet realms with increased drop rates. I just want an incentive to play without a pet, “The challenge” is not enough for me anymore, I’ve done NPEs, and they just aren’t as thrilling anymore since you are intentionally limiting yourself and receive no benefit for it. At the very least, give a fame bonus for never equiping a pet or something. I don’t think people would be angry at these changes and it would really change the pace of the games and give classes more identity than they currently have (particularly ones with healing effects). And most of all, melees wouldn’t be blatantly overtuned :wink:


it is an unproductive and unhealthy mindset to blame your deaths on others




the development for the Unity port is moving a little slow imo

what’s more concerning to me is the fact that a [certain private server] is also currently developing a unity client for their private server.

no Bueno in my opinion