Post your unpopular opinions about realm here




the development for the Unity port is moving a little slow imo

what’s more concerning to me is the fact that a [certain private server] is also currently developing a unity client for their private server.

no Bueno in my opinion


Ninja is the worst class in the game, and no amount of VIT is going to be able to save it. It’s slow, squishy, short-ranged and has no damage.
No, just because it can spend mana to have the same speed as other classes does not make it a fast class.


Why are you. Dissing that class like that I play ninja sometimes and I don’t have a problem with the vit and I play without a pet, ninja doesn’t really have max stat caps, but did you realize the stats are the most balanced of all the classes, for you to understand let’s take Warrior it has max vit, attack, but has a cap of 50 for spd, wis and dex, and his ability counters the spd and dex reduction, but not the wis

These are 2 pics of stats first is ninja second is warrior









btw after the coming sword nerf and katana buff it will do more dps than war. It already has more than knight and paly (with tierd weapons). If you can hit multiple enemies, it does way way way more dps than other classes


It has 60 Spd and can go twice as fast with Star active while most classes are stuck at 50. Did you forget to max yours?


nah that’s the other katana class





ninja gang rise up


now that’s a real unpopular opinion


that’s not an opinion, you’re factually wrong


Scrolling through your graveyard it seems you haven’t played a 8/8 ninja, or even a ninja with some nice gear.

With one of the ST katanas, Ray, Void, or just 8/8 with tops, Ninja is incredibly fun (and good! Super high dps!!).


Realm isn’t fun. Its addicting.


Now that’s not an unpopular opinion.

Chest events should be thrown away to a galaxy far far away.


Over damage does not exist.


facts aren’t opinions


We need UT trading.


While i dont think that ut trading is the answer, i would agree that rotmg felt more alive (for me) when i was more involved in the economy. Now i practically never trade, and i feel less connected to the game/community.


Well, you’ve found the right thread.


Prioritizing the elimination of lag>>>>>everything else. If Deca wants rotmg to go mainstream, that’s an absolute requirement. Also a pet nerf or endgame dungeons being petless would be necessary for folks everywhere to want to install rotmg(installed games have less lag).

Don’t flame me for this, but how does Fortnite run so clean in so many places? I know rotmg has some more rng, but like a worldwide 3d game being that clean, and EPIC GAMES had it doing well before their fat check came in??