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UT trading for 1 day.


And many people have quit because UT trading isn’t a thing, being forced to do the exact same thing over and over and over and over with no reward eventually gets boring, only took me 3 years.


Lol, Omni=8 event whites=8 Deca each = 8 life each. Imagine the trading godliness that even an event white would bring


This would be radically incorrect

An omni isn’t worth 2 Juggs, much less 8.


The point of using an 8/8 is that you have nothing left to buy, and your pots are just taking up space


Honestly, the only reason I play priest is as a support role. You will not being contributing meaningful dps no matter your set. The only reason at all to bring a priest to a dungeon is to heal newer players that arent great at dodging, or keeping alive the warriors that full rotate at sonic phase in void.


How would you know… There’s no market for it except buying accounts with the stuff…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

I was taking a stab at what it could be since Omni is the universal hard to get/best white lol


A jugg, overall, is about the same, if not better than an omni, usage-wise.

Rare doesn’t mean good

Omni isn’t the best white, there are many that’re better.


Omni isn’t the best nor the hardest white to get. Hardest would be ogmur, jugg or cdirk. The best is subjective, but bracer and crown are better rings than omni typically.


hardest=/=takes the longest to get


All I’m saying is that I could play with a bad computer on a 0/8 and get a jugg if I’m lucky but I need skill on a maxed character to get an omni which is a THE coveted item from THE end game boss.

I understand that it doesn’t have the greatest effect on how one gets to play their character but omni is still a god tier item for any maxed character to desire for the final stretch of OP stat improvement, is rare, and sus to get


What is your definition of hardest white to get then?


Realm of The Mad God is a game meant to addict, disable, and rob its users of money.


All of the wizard spells do the exact same thing and it’s a useless class

Jugg is actually trash

Deca is certainly the best developer of RotMG thus far, however, their focus on cash-grabbing and not moving it to unity yet is insulting and infuriating. The “campaign” was enough, then they made a second “campaign?” with a dozen other cash-grab attempts in-between? And now this heroic dungeon stuff. I’m out. Adios.


Well before anything they said the unity port would take a couple years and predicted around 2020.


sorry bud, but in terms of survivability, the pyra is more practical than the expo and the bracer is the far superior ring to both.




Assassin is the best class in the game.


Decker got lazy smh


I think that since a character only has about 252 mp normally, 60 mp is worth a lot more than 60 hp, and attack isn’t that important to surviving.