Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Solid pets allowed ppl to perma use abilities with a cool down, some classes like wiz could get an extra smidge of damage from extra mp though. Ppl just like staying alive


Wizard was meant to fill the role of the first class people play, and it was created to be easy, and have huge amounts of dps. It fills that role

Speedy on warrior can be deadly, getting your berserk buff without having to deal with 100 speed is a blessing. Especially in high lag situations like pubhalls survival


Assassin is one of the most boring classes to play, and horrible for new players with bad pets


Are you sure I can easily play Assassin without pet
Tho this skin is actually why I play Assassin


I mean, if all you see in Assassin is ‘poison’, then yeah, sure.

Aside from that, Assassin still has other playstyles. You could, for instance, use a dagger.
You know.
To shoot.

…What I’m getting at is that Assassin isn’t bad with lower-lvl pets. Its ability just plays a smaller role then, like with every other class.


Yeah but like, that’s kind of the issue. Although I enjoy being able to quickly obtaining one of those STs from purchases, I also don’t give a shit if I earn one normally. If that’s what happens to whites, this game will die.


but assasin also doesn’t have good maxed stats and relative to mp cost, the poison simply isn’t worth it for people without strong pets. If you wanna play dagger, play trickster.


Trickster requires far more skill than assassin, it is definitely one of the hardest dagger classes to play well. Even experienced players can find trickster difficult, so if we’re talking about new players trickster shouldn’t even be part of the conversation. Assassin is easy for new players, can be fast with a dagger and give them good practice with movement and dodging, but you also have the fallback of a ranged AoE attack that can guarantee you soulbound on most things with few exceptions. It’s a great class for new players to learn dagger classes while still having the range to get sb safely. With trickster lots of people learning the game, or just trickster in general, will either fail at using their ability, or fail at using their ability harder by tping onto an enemy and insta-killing themselves.


But herein lies the problem of using assassin to learn how to play dagger classe- the assassin is fundamentally different from the rogue and the trickster, so learning how to play an assassin will not necessarily teach you how to play the rogue or trickster.


Kabam has made some mistakes, but removing ammys was a good move, and making uts soulbound was the smartest move ever.


That’s a fair point. I was thinking more along the lines of just learning how to play with the high speed stat that assassin has and just getting used to movement and dodging at that speed. With rogue and trickster ability if you have to dodge you are normally doing something wrong…


My response literally said in terms of survivability. Are you arguing that 60 mp is more conducive to survival than 60hp? I strongly disagree. Attack can also be incredibly conducive to survival when it expedites the kill. I find it very difficult to imagine a scenario where i would rather have an additional 60mp instead of 60hp. The gemstone comes to mind and i feel it only works because it gives such a solid def bonus. Survivability is the most important component in this game.


How you find the Assassin boring is truly beyond me. It is one of the funnest classes to play and it literally destroys. If you get a murky poison it does massive, massive damage and the stat bonuses are superb. Not many classes shine in the wine cellar or tombs like the assassin.


Hey I love assassin too, but the poison dmg isn’t really that powerful, even Murky Toxin is only equivalent to like 4-5 dagger shots which is fairly meek (until you get to the Divine pet level and can start truly spamming them).


It’s not that clear-cut. If having 60 extra Mp is the difference between keeping the Stun on O2 and having him go sudden death on your ass, 60 extra Hp isn’t going to change much.

It’s a thread for unpopular opinions. If everyone starts debating about what’s the most fun, the thread won’t go anywhere.


I guess this might classify as an unpopular opinion:

Soulless is an overrated robe that is easily beaten by other robes.

I don’t hold firmly to this opinion though, mostly because I do know that there are benefits to having an extra 1 defense and 60hp (comparing with star mother).

But the thing is, in most cases, you’ll be sacrificing valuable offensive stats such as attack, wis and mp just for an almost negligible 1 defense boost and 60hp. To me it doesn’t seem worth it at all. Sure there’s the argument that robe classes are squishy, but in the first place, robe classes can easily keep their distance, hence they wouldn’t take as much damage in the first place. In other words, I’d gladly take 4 attack, 7 wis and 60mp over 1 extra def and 60hp.

Most classes would benefit more from other robes. For robe classes that utilise wis mod, the Ritual Robe, Shendyt and Star Mother would be a better choice. For the 1 class that doesn’t have wis mod (wizard), water robe’s a good choice for extra consistent damage, and the star mother is a good choice if you want to amp up your spell damage as well. All of the robes above may be less defensive than the Soulless robe, but the benefits outweigh the losses, especially if you know how to dodge well, which should be easier since you have further range.

Goodness…I wrote a pretty long essay, sorry for the flood heh


It can give an extra stun to a knight, heal to a priest, boost to a paladin, cloak to a rogue, spell bomb to a wizard, and speedy to a ninja or warrior, not to mention many other situations. All of these things can spell life or death for your character a lot more than 60 health points can. An extra stun can kill a wave of enemies chasing you or stun the boss that was about to shotgun you. I’m just saying that the use of your ability is a lot more significant than 60 hp.


Game is so infested with hackers it should be shut down.


hacking or the game?


compared to star mother, soulless doesnt compare
but compared to gsorc, its a good option
2 DEF and 60 HP for 55 MP 4 ATK and 6 WIS isnt that bad

if you dont have access to a star mother soulless isnt bad