Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Fair enough, actually, though I’d personally take a Gsorc over the Soulless, but at that point it’s basically up to each person’s playstyle and preference. For me, I will always go for the more offensive option, so armours like Soulless, Nil and CC are a big no in my books, probably fuelling my opinion on soulless being overrated.


rotmg sucks


The Loot system is very balanced.


Isn’t 60 hp a lot though? I might hit <60 hp once or twice a week on a character. 4 attack and 7 wis may seem like a lot, but on the grand scale of things, it is a negligible boost in dps for both multiplayer dungeons and soloing.

Yes, I did add curse to the necros


True the DPS on its own isn’t much, and survival is of course the number 1 factor, but non-Soulless robes have the other factors to them that assist survivability (better Ability via +WIS/+MP, or better mobility with +SPD). It’s just a judgement call on the trade-off. I find an 860 HP puri priest and an 890 HP esben necro have more than enough HP so I might as well chose a robe that does ‘something’ other than let me run at constant >85% HP.

Though if I’m going out into dumb endgame with tanking/quiet unavoidable I’ll likely bring Soulless along, but for general/mixed play I think PhantomMod’s conclusions are sound.


9.09090909% dmg boost isn’t negligible, especially for classes that need every ounce of dps for that sacred sb


shotguns are not endgame and should not be added into future contents.


Vit is an important stat to max early.


SB damage thresholds have been in double digits for months now.


mystic best class xd


Adding on to what Nevov said on April 1st, I hate it when my friend nexuses and blames me for being a “bad priest.” I’m always like it’s not my responsibility to keep you at full hp every 10 seconds. I have to watch for my own hp too you know. You have your own pet healing you and competence to dodge.


Fr, if someone’s pet stasised or doesn’t have a legendary/divine pet, don’t depend on them EVER unless lavawalking


My personal opinion, don’t depend on others ever period


Dang I was super fucking salty for some reason when I made this comment, I apologize to whoever I might have been talking too


From ur previous post- “shit 1/8 wizard ppe” doesn’t exist imo.


All event whites are over rated


Samurai has arguably the best burst damage ability. More range than the knight’s shield. Significantly less shots to land than the spell.


Ent Ancients should be revamped to a similar concept as the other evaluation bosses. Specifically referring to the amount of idle time when waiting for the hero to become vulnerable. See, for Ghost Kings, you’re trying to at least kill the ghost master or other ghosts to find the master for it to become vulnerable. For liches, while they can take longer to do if buffed, you’re still actively taking down soul bearers for the mystic ST set and to, ultimately, defeat the lich.

The Ent Ancient, however, is a boring evaluation boss because of its growth phase. No matter how buffed it is, you have to wait for this useless waste of resources to grow to its full size which takes, what, half a minute? Half a minute of waiting for this dang piece of wood to grow, and you have to wipe out up to 25 of them in a realm to close it. It’s pretty terrible considering unlike the other 2, nothing you do will speed up the process of seeing Groot grow up, and you had no choice in choosing whether you want to wait this long to kill it, unlike the other 2 bosses. That all adds up to a lot of time staring at a splinter grow into wood instead of actively killing it, and it frustrates me :l


Assassin best class lelxd

Warrior can go eat peen


I would rather have the servers stay full and be unable to play at all than have constant socket-server security errors and logouts on nexus.