Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I know it’s not controversial, the subject is just rarely talked about. People usually ignore that part of the game. New endgame content is cool and all that, but early game also needs some love and attention from the devs.


If you added HP Scaling on top of the enemies’ weird frequent invulnerability/invincibility phases, it’d take much longer to complete.

Additionally, I don’t think having a clumped, 720-damage AP shotgun is fun to fight against when there’s 2 types of Confuse bullets flying your way, both having different durations.
There were more problems than just HP Scaling and loot.


The original nest had many flaws and the reworked one is objectively better, I don’t disagree with that. It just lacks the constant sense of dread and danger the older iteration had.

Every old nest run felt like an adventure, getting a good group and successfully completing the dungeon was a rare experience. Now, since it’s way safer and there’s an actual reason to run nests (because of good loot), successful runs are way more common, even public ones get completed occasionally. It’s obviously a good thing, but the nest lost a bit of its “magic” because of this.

(so, basically, “I like it more when it sucked” complaint)


If it’s any consolaton…
image <-- These fellas are still mostly the same with their Rage phase.


This is me with Lod. :smiley:
It is a weird argument to be on that side of! But maybe natural to look for the attributes of value in the old design, if only to rationalise why we even played the content in its old/‘worse’ form. Key will be if the new design can overtake the old, and give even more/different things to like about it so the verdict will be “yes, improved”. Time is a big causator here, because if such problems are fixed quickly we don’t have the same attachment to the content. (Hence why nobody misses MGM 1.0 because its flaws/bugs were fixed within days/a week or two).

The thing I rue with Nest is the changes have enabled rushers, which, like Shatters, is annoying when no-TP as I’m simply not gonna do ‘skip’ rush to catch up when there are enemies who can instakill. But as you say, objectively it is better as a whole and especially soloing I find it a very similar experience to before, just with the dial turned to easier, so I’m happy.


Bee helmet needs a buff. 600 dps (reduced a LOT by def) isn’t enough and the curse is very chancy.

At the very least, it should be 600 armor piercing dps and the curse should be maybe 100%, seeing as it only curses up to 3 enemies at once.


Perhaps for younger veterans, but as you grow older, your emotional and ethical maturity rises. Not observed in all individuals, but many do attain the strength and responsibilities, in some cases burdens, that prevent them from getting so harshly addicted to certain habits in their formative years. The older veterans of this game, who played during the Wild Shadow era, are now in an average age range of 18 - 28 years of age. I’m currently nearing my 22nd birthday. Where I would have spent literally an entire weekend playing realm years ago, I am no longer both afforded that luxury, and no longer interested in doing so, even if I was given the chance. The replayability of this game does sharpen down at a certain point, whether that’s defined by getting white star, having all the items you wanted to get at one point or another, or some other self defined goal. I’d argue that the real spark that keeps us veterans playing, is the community and friends we make in guilds, that keep us playing. Much of the co-op aspect of this game was lost when Kabam added pet abilities into the game, however guilds reintroduce the idea of working together for a common goal, and giving a sense of togetherness, that players often seek, after playing this game by themselves for hours on end.


Yah all of these are wrong, crown was the best ring in the game before entropy. Pyra is a third class ring, crown is second and deca and entropy are first. Expo is a good ring for blue stars without good pets and bracer is also a third class ring but expo I have no idea where to even put it. Maybe tier 5


I agree that it was better before the changes, no one should expect noobs to do hundreds of nests with no deaths like it is possible to do now. People can just skip to end game content by joining discords and staying in the group. I remember being so impressed when I had played this game for a year if someone could rush abysses and now DECA legitimately just hands out candies so everyone can have a level 1 8/8.


pirate cave is great 10/10 would want a pcave 2


that already exists :joy:


:b: ruh moment


so does forest maze 2
and spider den 2


bad game noone should play
literally one of the worst communities out of all video games out there.


that’s not an unpopular opinion


I object.
War Thunder.

And from wha I’ve heard, CSGO


I get like 4k+ damage per spell bomb with my tablet, I usually get most of the spell bomb on because it’s so small and it rebounds.

  1. short range = easier spellbombs is an illusion. it doesn’t matter whether the projectiles travel for 1 tile, 5 tiles, 15 tiles, or even 30 tiles, they all behave exactly the same at the center of the blast. changing how far the projectiles travel outside of the center blast zone doesn’t affect the range of the center blast zone itself. (boomerang on the other hand does help just a bit, so you’re not completely wrong)
  2. it’s still wrong to assume in general discussion that you’ll always hit the max damage of a spell. even with the boomerang effect on tablet, it’s still impossible to consistently land 100% of the shots due to the technical reasons mentioned in the previous reply, unless you hack of course and force them all to hit all the time.

but again, like I said before: a partial spellbomb still has solid damage. I think spells are overrated, not useless.


You hit the bulk of them.


I agree.
They are difficult to aim and by no means a direct upgrade from other abilities like Scepter, Poisons, etc as some people make them out to be.