Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


With Scepter, you trade raw DPS for usability and the ability to hit targets in a line.
With Poison, you trade raw DPS for area.

With the way SB works, one could argue that area or usability is superior over raw DPS.



Also, most poisons can hit invulnerable enemies, as well has having a potentially infinite amount of targets, something that is not shared by any scepter and most spells (mushroom being the exception)


bottled medosuzoan is alos an exception


Edited, thanks for reminding me!


Anybody else thinks that they should stop doling out more it’s and just make more classes?
These uts are batcrap rare, after all. Only those who play realm/do endgame dungeons 24x7 have the chance to use them, and the majority benefits from a new class which everyone can experience.


Everyone could experience a new class but nobody would care to play it a few days after release.

No class is a straight upgrade from another and you don’t get anything out of getting a class to lvl 20 or out of gaining more stars, so there’s no real incentive to actually play anything other than the classes that are already top-tier or that one class you love playing even though everybody else hates it.


Perma death needs to be fixed, at least a few aspects of it.
Servers need to have a higher max player cap
Certain options such as hide pets/players or other stuff to reduce lag should be added to improve the in game visual and play experience, unless lags can just be reduced over all in the future.
Less potion drops from chests please, it hurts the economy
More thicket raids if possible


Maybe clarify what ‘fixing’ perma death means since it’s an intended game feature

If you mean realms/dungeons, no, if you mean the whole servers in general, eh. Just because everyone likes to cram themselves into ussouth to wait in nexus the whole time doesn’t really warrant a player cap increase.

Not really unpopular, I agree as someone who occasionally hits 10 fps in a small organised run of any dungeon or pretty much any ot lmao, although this does sort of undermine the mmo aspect of the game. If lag is just diminished overall by Unity or something, like you say, then that would be preferrable.

I guess? Chests suck in general though, lol. Bad way to manage terrible drop rates in dungeons, if Deca happened to just not make a lot of dungeons really undesirable for grinding then there wouldn’t be any need for chests. Seems like most potion drops are either SB or mystery though, so in my eyes this doesn’t really look like much of an issue? constant lhs probably affect economy more lol.

Making thicket and the other court dungeons way more accessible would help, cuz like I said above Deca currently doesn’t really incentivise those types of dungeons, as Oryx is just straight up more profitable most of the time. Suggestions have included simply making setpieces in realms or similar, which I like the sound of. But again, is this really an unpopular opinion? :sweat_smile:

Why did I type tap out this long ass reply on a thread where people simply share their unpopular opinions? I don’t know. Nothing better to do I guess lol. Don’t judge me.

Here’s a somewhat unpopular opinion I guess; Items should be made more accessible to players instead of being locked behind seven years of grinding (plenty of people complain about not getting event whites after ages, for example, despite a few being really fun to play around with) or getting incredibly lucky (me getting jugg on a warrior ppe alt account I was messing around with). I know some people like their trophies and such, but that argument basically boils down to flexing a bunch of pixels that, if put into the vault, become irrelevant and stuck on some database somewhere.

Games are only good if they’re fun, and alternative playstyles, through uts and sts, help RotMG to be fun.

glad I adopted that mentality tbh. Going on to rotmg just because I felt like I was missing out just made me feel worse and affected other stuff than gaming.


I thought the helm of jack o nault was a great idea, as well as other reskined event UTs that were obtainable during a few holidays via quests, really hope Deca will continue to bring them back


Old chest events were bad, but they are miles better than the current events that we get.


I mean, the thing is that the majority players benefited from the chest, or that they were better than nothing, every time I finished an event dungeon there are usually at least one call out for whites/good loot.


Kendo sticks and dirks gives luck .


Things like these are fucking bullshit.

Seriously, you can’t even tell how much money you are going to spend, and campaign garbage takes up like 70 bucks or something for a single fucking skin.

At least make these grindable, so I would at least try.

Maybe this is a popular opinion, but I live under a rock and can’t tell.


proceeds to spend 50 bucks for skin

I fucking hate myself


you spent 50 bucks for an 8 bit lady to sweep the floor in a videogame? smh



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