Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


The Unity port won’t revive the game without some serious marketing to go along with it


The whole point of Unity port is to enable new ways of coding that will add new features and those ‘serious marketing’, but yeah, I get your point.


No, the main point is that adobe will stop supporting flash in 2020


Pet’s have taken majority of the difficulty & skill cap out of the game

Assassin is an objectively fun and good class

Stars mean nothing and shouldn’t be treated as the end all be all

The Nerf to damaging and berserk is actually a good change and will be healthy for the game

Whitebag rates are good as is and don’t need tweaking, Getting one needs to feel special your not entitled to a Whitebag.


Potato is better than crown, source better than omni


Trickster is the most difficult character to play, but also the character that can make the biggest difference in any fight.


Me, having solo’d a Halls that had 3 consecutive Crusades in the first 5 rooms on a Trickster thanks to Decoying them all: *like*


Ogmur is useless with the existence of Entropy


That one’s just factually incorrect.

Getting hit on purpose for a 1.25% chance to Armor Break VS Using your ability for a nice burst of damage and 100% chance to Armor Break.

Ogmur is better and it’s not even remotely close.


The ring of decades is pretty overrated.


yea, +10 hp and not even an increase in fame bonus isn’t anything to pay 6 more life for


My thoughts exactly. :wink:


Challenger mode isn’t really all as exciting as some make it out to be, its just realm with less content imo and I like the new content. If you don’t like pets you don’t have to play with them, challenger mode just seems to take away the opportunity to have a more fast paced (and easier whether you like that or not) experience so it just makes more sense in my eyes to just focus efforts on the Unity port which will benefit everyone instead of a mode that much less people will get something out of.


Having all players without pets is very different from having one person actively choose to play without it. In the latter scenario, the petless player is effectively carried by pet users unless they play solo. If you’ve played challenger mode, you can see that players are very reliant on each other and there is a greater sense of cooperation which is greatly lacking in normal gameplay.

And anyway, challenger mode will provide something different every season, which is the main drawing point.


uncool man.


Ight, I got one:
The candyland is actually a fun, enjoyable dungeon. I think like, vast majority of players I know despise the dungeon, its mechanic, and having to grind it for items. Personally, I think its design / graphics are fun (although I can agree that staring at that pink for too long hurts) and me and my friend have a lot of good memories from grinding the dungeon. Personally I think maybe the candyland is in fact due for a rework, but keep that same “infinite running” concept, maybe just polish it up a bit in some way.

P.S. Please DECA…for the love of all that is holy, make one of your next projects reworking the fucking Cave of a Thousand Treasures. Its complete and utter ass, and has so much potential that is completely unused. :neutral_face:


I think it’s great that people are finding enjoyment out of it but I personally just don’t find it very appealing, there’s nothing I can’t do in the normal game. It might be a fun distraction every once in a while but me and I’m sure several others would just prefer for Deca to spend their time on the unity port and the cool stuff that will bring to the table as apposed to a new mode that doesn’t interest me.


MBC is harder than void entity.


What is the context? Are you assuming solo? duo? trio? quadropio? a group of 10? A group of elites? A pubhalls run? A largely melee run? A largely ranged run? What are the factors that remain the same in this comparison here?


With a full pub halls group it’s more deadly because of lag. almost died yesterday because of that