Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Potato IS better than crown but expo is the best ring ingame


Omni isn’t overrated and isn’t extremely situational
Cult whites are better than Mbc whites


Expo isn’t the best ring in game since omni is a direct upgrade from him


no, potato is NOT better then crown. +6 speed really doesn’t make that much of a difference and hp>def for pretty much everything except for glands.
compering cult whites to mbc whites is like compering cat food to dog food. Also, i would avoid using the term “objectively” in an OPINION thread, unless you have a solid argument to back it up.


Wait I gotta rephrase that, expo is (for most people) obtainable within an hour or less. Somehow I have gotten 2 in lemme think idk around 150 labs? and omni. how many people even have one, not to mention it being VERY rare so it wouldn’t really be used much


the weapon and ability items are both broken on their respective classes (though the weapons require some time to get used to )also well the robe is actually better than breastplate cuz its gud on all classes… the ring is solid i would rather get that than get a pyra excuse me man any amount of spd makes ALL the difference if you’re a good dodger and well yeah that last one was actually valid imma remove it


tbh i wouldn’t call cult skull broken, it has less um… everything then a t6 and mystics are a much better way of cursing enemies. the -mp cost is usefull only if your pet isn’t op (and well, mine is). the limitations of cult staff are much worse then those of colo sword. using it, you’re missing out on your abilities, using your abilities you’re missing out on a lot of dps, and it takes away a lot of range, compared to colo swords increase in range. the robe IS quite overpowered, but i think a water robe would be better on necro and wiz. the best thing about breastplate is that it makes niche rings more viable compered to deca (like lodestone, bracer, omni).
i actually think that 50 spd is well enough to dodge everything you need to dodge, and having more spd isn’t always good, aspecially if you’re lagging or have low fps. at worst you would be moving 2-3 tiles with a single tap. less spd makes movement much more precise.


well thats why theyre perfect for each other! the staff aiming backwards is able to curse, also if u just put mouse on top of your chosen char, it works perfectly as a sort of ep in lower level dungeons. The skull’s curse is what makes the necro even be able to compete with wizard in dps also its amazing if you dont want to actually stasis sth as a mystic. I play on steam so no lag for me and well i always thought deca was overrated anyway. The only class i could see myself putting breastplate on would be knight but honestly if i have such high def why not go with a more dps oriented armor like mercys? ninja is my favourite class so 50 spd just feels… slow


Legacy ST Seal is underrated and I really like using it.


Unpopular opinion: Deca has systematically destroyed trade in USW2. I was going to write a full article on this but I figured it would be unpopular. Then I saw this thread, so I’ll test the waters here before fully fleshing out my points on why and how this has happened. Each point below is, to the majority of users, the lesser of two evils. However, the result of all three combined has lead to the in-game economy of USW2 lessening overtime until it is eventually forgotten/phased out. 1.) They refuse to release new tradable items. 2.) They flood the market with pots which has numerous implications. 3.) They time people out who type too quickly without a notice explaining why. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on whether you feel USW2 style trading should be abolished, or whether its as “ROTMG” as Oryx. I, for one, am incredibly disappointed that Deca is moving in this direction, and would take love to see them to take measures to protect the USW2 economy.


at face value, I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion. at this point, all tradeables are basically worthless except for the ones that are worth so much that players have to resort to multi-window trading to do it. what I think is much less popular is whether or not it was done deliberately, and if it’s something that needs to be brought back in the first place.

I don’t think it was done deliberately to smash the trading economy, despite the numerous claims that deca doesn’t or shouldn’t care about the trading economy. instead, it’s rooted in a more fundamental problem with rotmg in general. there are really only 3 kinds of rewards that can be given to players: pots, equips, and skins. skins are locked behind monetization measures and practically nonexistent drop rates because deca needs the money (though at this point I’m wondering how many people actually care about new skins, I know I stopped caring almost 2 years ago), equips have to be uncommon enough to promote actual gameplay instead of instantly earning everything you want, which leaves pots as the only reward left. otherwise you get people complaining about stuff dropped 0 all the time. as for lack of new tradeables, personally I believe that allowing free trading of anything for anything undermines gameplay even more than it’s already smashed apart, as you can get everything from anything without necessarily having to complete it in the first place. but really the main reason is deca is scared of duping, and that’s pretty much it.


Rarity doesn’t justify ‘the best’, especially in Video games.


Well then, what does?


how good it is. For example, the t12 wand is much better than the rarer “spicy wand of spice”




Well without very rare whites to chase wouldn’t you get bored once you get the boring functional ones? (Also vanity whites are fun) Rotmg is all about the grind after all and if we didn’t have that that then it would be a shitty little flash game that died after a year


celestial blade looks better than cdirk


After the update it’s actually viable as well. I switch between celestial and doku pretty often.


I actually have never gotten one, besides when they were everywhere by the accidental release along with the admin swords and stuff lol.


I actually like the heroic dungeons in the current state