Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


That’s an unpopular opinion?


Last time people complained, but maybe its not really unpopular this time


I think that the Hudl is almost universally loved, and the Haby is almost universally hated. There are still some problems with non-rendered shots doing damage, and since everything in that dungeon does a great deal of damage, that is pretty spooky. Basically, you needed to keep the boss on your screen at all times, or else risk being popped by invisible shots.


dance phase is the easiest o2 phase, not in the sense that it requires less skill but its just the most fair one, with suns phase being almost impossible to dodge, the daze things one demanding x amount of speed to fully rotate, the running one being a death sentance if he focuses you, and the last one with its free damage bombs.


Though the daze/missiles phase gives the option to do it radially (running in to dmg then back out to heal); and the chase phase has O2 tethered to the main room (can’t chase fully down the corridor), so both of those do have some element of fairness to them.

Dance only having the one, fast-moving, window to join/leave the combat, makes it harsher than either of these phases IMO, as any mistake (whether player or lag) that causes you to take damage increases the chance that trying to exit = death, so really only the higher pet levels (or skill) allow dance to be done in relative security.


I always thought it was the easiest 01 phase aswell, the only 01 phase that is a little scary is the 200 dmg shotgun phase. never understood how dance2 was a difficult phase to people since you just move like 1 tile and back. but it is a little harder to dodge if you screen rotate imo. without screen rotating its easier to see for me. 02 dance is a little more difficult cause rng of the bombs stacking but still not very difficult. i think the easiest 02 phase is just the old 02 phases


only ‘problem’ with heroic dungeons is the habyss spawning those orange shots on the outside off the walls during the fireball phase with no indication of where they start imo


I think that something that also contributes is the fact that the window to enter the ring is also quite small - the “red scarabs” (I guess they’re like artifacts?) start firing immediately after being spawned.
Maybe if they were spread out a little more, or with two openings, it’d probably bee more fun.

As for chase, I personally think that the room to strafe between each shotgun is maybe a little too tight. Combined with that annoying extra rotating shot every so often, it’s a tad too clustered for my tastes.


These ‘special effects’ on items are very interesting and healthy to the game, but I think DECA is kind of overusing it at this point.


Penetrating Blast Spell is a good item.


all purchases except misery boxes are fair


Ah yes, I too think that WC tops are worth buying with real money especially when you can buy them dirt cheap in usw2


The golden archer set was worth every cent!
(Vets will know what I mean)


i meant by sold by deca


Heroic Abyss is a bad dungeon


that’s not an unpopular opinion


I actually disagree with this. Despite all of the shots at close range, I have seen very few people take significant damage. And, having been chased a few times myself, I can say that dodging is a lot easier than you might expect


I think part of the reason people think that phase is unfair or difficult is they don’t stick around long enough when getting chased to realize that oryx actually slows down once he gets super close, so you don’t actually get run over like I hear people complaining about. if he were to maintain his original chase speed when closing the gap between, then yeah it’d be a broken phase. people just assume his speed is constant and nexus without learning what the phase is actually like.


every class is bad except wizard, warrior, and trickster


Ninja is best class whatcha talking about