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Watch, as your loved ninja becomes stone!
-This message was posted by the Mystic gang (I probably am the only member tho


Count me in! Mystic op for rushing


And all the other things you can do in the game.


lower dps tho


Mystic has the highest solo dps in the game. She can inflict curse and can berserk and damaging herself. Very strong when paired with a cult staff. Also not to mention her strong crowd control with stasis or the orb of aether on top of her great rushing ability.


Help me get the orb from mt…


I’m talking about bad mystics such as myself


you forgot about warrior :P

not going to dispute that mystic is a powerhouse because she absolutely is and I’ve been saying this for ages, she’s just not quite as broken as everyone’s favorite dps machine, the warrior. she only comes close if you use the cultist staff and are landing 3 or 4 shots instead of 2, which requires you to get even closer than the warrior with an acclaim or splendor. mystic does have a lot more range with her staff though so that’s a perk over warrior.


She doesn’t if we take her ability out of the question, and even then, 3 seconds is not a long time for a pretty sizable 90 MP.
It makes her really inconsistent without a really good pet, which is why I want her rework to happen now - it’ll make her as consistent as most other classes.


Oh well, I tried


The game can actually be fun at times


You need friends for that


The spell from secluded thicket is legit so garbo, there is no reason to use it.


It’s uses are limited, but they do exist; especially when dealing with large numbers of enemies (it can be spammed), or when one isn’t actively using their spell (good passive stat bonuses).


1 year later…
assassin and necro still best.
Knight and pally meh. Warr sux


No PaLLy bEsT cLaSS!1!1!!!1


YesButNo, we talked about that. Let me ask you again.


Umm shuffles nervously Uhh. M-M- Mystic.


Good boy.


Public nests are actually worth it