Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I wouldn’t know…
I never was able to do one without dcing before…


As someone with over 10 public Nest completions, I can guarantee it.
3 life alongside a Gdex plus a def, as well as various shots at more def and dex pots, make it a great dungeon to grab a good amount of pots from.

i can’t say the same for my ST luck, tho =w="

The White Bag Thread v2

which server do you do your public nests in?


EUW, my main server. Lately I’ve noticed more people trying it out, though it still usually ends in a duo or solo for me .3.


Pets are OP and bad for the longevity of the game. The nerf is almost essential.

That and chest events outside of holidays should be removed entirely.


Is the game actually any good? I havent played in about a year or two


since when has it been…


Never. Lol


But it is getting better




The library is good, so if only a little, it has become better


This is gibberish to me


There is a new dungeon that is better than old dungeons thus = slightly better game


not really unpopular opinion but ok


Realm is actually fun if you do little to no events or focused grinding and only run dungeons from the realm itself, boss and dungeon design has improved vastly over the course of the game’s lifetime.

Every endgame dungeon should have a much lower player cap, around 30, and in-combat should be added, maybe made even harsher, since mheal is absolutely OP in big groups.

Colo sword is not OP and is actually outdone by csword in more situations than people think, as long as you can’t predict the movement of your targets…


tomb rings should be buffed,


It’s a lot more fun if you don’t rush dungeons.
I know a lot of people want to do dungeons for the loot and get as much done as fast as possible, but I’m here to play a permadeath bullet-hell, not a freaking loot simulator



Tbh i think that would be too hard and discords such as Pub Halls would go extinct.

I don’t have colo sword, but csword is absolute garbage. A.S.S is almost a direct upgrade. On warrior the reduced fire rate isn’t that noticeable.


It’s not a good bullet hell though. Dodging is just too easy. The only reason people can rush is because everything is easy to dodge through.


I would argue that it’s because of pets. They allow us to not have to dodge nearly as well, which is crucial in places like LH, where dodging everything (or even enough to get by without a pet) is unfeasible for the vast majority of players.