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I second that. Pets made this game casual. You don’t have to conserve HP in a run because it’s restored in a minute without any assistance, this changed the mechanics and overall gameplay drastically. If I’m alone in a dungeon the only thing I should do is not to die and that’s it. Before pets, I had not only not to die, but also not to take considerable damage during the whole run.


Not sure how unpopular this is, but the instakill traps in the UDL and the Septavius insta-pop phase are both perfectly fine and don’t need changing.

Don’t want to sit on a trap? Just slow the h*ck down. Don’t want Septavius to sit on you? Back up and wait for the next phase. Neither of these things are difficult enough to warrant a dungeon change.


Well how am I gonna rush UDLs with my maxed rogue then…
Edit: I’ve never been sat on by septavius and I feel like it isn’t very hard to avoid idk why so many people do i ttho


it’s mostly melees that are in the range of his movement jump, he jumps and sits on you before you can notice shit and then you die


ik but i literaly cna cutlass him…


loughs in ctrap huntress


Just don’t fight him during that phase. A solo maxed melee can easily kill Septavius with only one run-through of each phase while sitting the instakill phase out. The only time you would need to go in during this phase would be if you’re in a large group and need to get in those couple of hits to get soulbound damage on the boss. The benefits of going in are few, and you’re only making the boss fight a few seconds longer by waiting and ensuring your character survives.


Or you can put your electric pet between him and you


Rotmg is a boring game to watch


This. So many “elite” players complain the game is too easy and want buff after buff for difficulty and scream that permadeath is the core holy mechanic that the game cannot live without –while never facing real difficulty or permadeath themselves.

Basically, midgame content no longer exists because these loud few scream for everything new to be endgame and more difficult than anything before and for existing dungeons that were accessible to non-hackers umm I mean not “elite” have been made too difficult for midtier players to tackle.

And 90% of people who respond to such criticisms with “git guud noob” are trolls and / or hackers and exploiters.


I definitely think there isn’t enough early game and midgame, and not as much quality endgame dungeons, because divine pets (and also hacking) have made easier dungeons obsolete to most players, outside of grinding for white bags, I wish they’d make pots rarer, leveling up a much longer process, and way more early/mid game enemies and dungeons, as well as nerfing pets, even if the nerf was that your pet’s effectiveness for heal and mheal were determined by your vit and wis respectively


realm needs more social features


Which dungeons?

That has nothing to do with cheating or pets though.

Leveling has always been very fast. Progression has never been gated and so skipping vast portions of the game was and still is the most viable option, especially once you’ve figured out that private keys trump normal in-realm farming by several country miles.


Not talking about leveling when I say that, I was talking about the way most endgame dungeons are now because divine pets make you basically immune to most damage and so it is all mostly based on insteapopping

This is what they were talking about


Everything I say about progression applies to both leveling and midgame.

What you’re calling an “easier endgame dungeon” is just a mid-tier dungeon.

Also, just like with DarthMreow I think it would be easier to judge your opinion if you provided examples.


Ice spheres

The instapop enemies aren’t as bad or common anymore in most of the endgame dungeons because everything has just been given pet stasis to replace it, but still the fact that the dungeons I’m calling “easier endgame”,” stuff like LoD, MT, and O2 are actually mid game is the problem as they were made intended to be endgame


How is lod hard? I can literally solo it petless


Lib was great. Good Job Deca, we need more dunegons like that (although ngl it’s pretty hecka ez to rush)


It still highly depends on class


Wrong, carpal tunnel comes from excessively repeated hand movements or positioning. Holding your hand still in one position while aiming will cause carpal tunnel quicker. That’s why jitter clicking actually helps against carpal tunnel syndrome, as it increases the variability in clicking. However, excessively clicking is bad for your hands.