Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


That’s an objective thing.


tOtAllY wORth


That’s interesting, but if you look at the other posts in that conversation Lily is talking about a situation where you hold the button down to shoot, so in the end it’s still a situation that can cause CTS (since, as you say yourself, holding your hand still in the same position for too long will increase the risk).


Hate me if you’d like, but I think there shouldn’t be a UT trading system and things should stay soulbound.
As much as I’d like to get my favorite items instead of grinding for them, one item really isn’t going to make or break a character, and it’s so much more satisfying to work for something than trade for it.
Plus, I hate sites like realmstock and they’d abuse the crap out of any system such as UT trading.


Dblade is better than pixie.
A.S.S is not bad.


You realise you trade it in with the tinkerer


Correction, it’s more satisfying to actually get the item you want instead of getting it after 4 years and dying with it a month later.

And trust me, sometimes single items really are enough to make a character good.


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Rotmg is turning into a simplified poor mans diablo 3 game, if rotmg adds a difficult option then its no longer rotmg in my eyes its a baby dibalo game.


laughs in Helm of the Juggernaut


I like hunt more than archer sorry @wilhuff


Why are you tagging me?


cuz u have 3 archers



grumbles under breath Three…


sorry about that, but i assumed you liked archers a lot. pls correct if that assumption was wrong


he does like them too much i wish they get a nerf so he gets AnGrEy


that’s not nice. Go to the corner and think about the consequences of your actions.


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t. only played as paladin and knight for fame