Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Ray katana is good.


Samdafish is cooler than Jimdafish.


This is the “unpopular opinion” thread. The “misguided worldview” thread is different.


Oryx 2’s exploding sun and dance phases need rework. Too risky for any player to try to learn. I’ve seen too many cases in which most players will wait out the phase in hopes that somebody who knows what their doing or is bold enough will deal with it.


Agree on Suns (not that unpopular), but Dance…?
It’s not that bad of a phase imo.
Though I will agree that it could bee a tad more lenient with entering/exiting the ring, without sacrificing all too much difficulty.


When I first started the only way I knew how to do dance phase was with a priest running in and spam healing


That’s mostly why for the dance phase. I think the fire rate of the Bomb Artifacts should be slower. If you don’t time the gap correctly, which I think is deceptively more narrow because of the AoE, you’ll most likely get hit 2-3 times just getting through which is a pretty big chunk of HP whether you’re going in or out.


the new st’s should be tradeable to add some variety to the trade economy due to the fact that lost halls destroyed the value of life


he said “unpopular”


All items should be soulbound :tm:




Ridiculous concept! How am I supposed to give away my Rusty Katanas if that were to happen?


I don’t like the new Exalt soundtrack. It sounds too generic and it lacks weight and uniqueness. The single Original track is atleast unique and weird in a good way. The RotMG feel that the Original tracks that the Original captures is completely missing from these new tracks.

Perhaps my expectations where too high but I am still going to turn the music of and put on my own playlist.


I find it weird in a bad way. Having to listen to it for hours at a time with no difference between literally every aspect of the game including even the main menu sucks. Plus, it doesn’t fit a lot of dungeons due to the variety of themes to them. It’s tedious to listen to and I almost always turn it off. With the Exalt soundtracks at least we’ll get unique music so it doesn’t get boring. And even so the jingle from the original track is present in a lot of new songs too, which is something I respect.

I understand it’s not for everyone but personally I’m glad there will be a new OST.


In what way? You can always just decompile the client and download the track an still listen to that, but maybe talk to @Wangleline seeing as she made a lot of the songs on there


Hopefully there will be a music menu with some customisable options, to let players decide for themselves which tracks do or don’t play, default settings, single track looping, etc.


Shatters is still more fun than Lost Halls.


The new st hook made me enjoy pirate cave a lot


The new ST hook made me hate pirate cave even more.

shudders in 163 pcaves with no hook


smiles in hook from a ddocks troom