Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Oh yeah, I got that on my 4th troom. After wasting at least 8 hours running 163 pcaves.


Got so many hooks on ppe’s and Upe’s


Ass is garbage tier sword. Dblade is strictly worse but a lot more fun c;


csword better


Ninja is a fun class when you have a skin


That’s all you needed to say :slight_smile:




Dblade and EP are such complete trash items that I wouldn’t care if they were straight deleted


Pixie is a good main sword


What the fugg I love dblading stuff





I did some digging, this goes as far back as “2013-09-08”, lmao. Here’s an album from most to least recent containing all of them in my Graveyard.


Confuse should be removed from the game. I hate it so much. The ones that last for only a short time are especially disorienting.


red bee


Red bee and Oryx 2, Henchman of Oryx, El Dorado, Bats, Lair Construct Giant, Mini Bot, Rock Dragon Bat, Marble Colossus, Avatar, Ice Adept just to name a few more.


Just rebind your controls to confuse controls and learn them smh


The way to deal with Confusion is either to wait it out (stand still so you don’t run into shotguns) or, if there are deadly shots coming your way, have “A” as your instinctive key (since it moves you back in Confuse Controls). If you follow these, short Confusions aren’t really as bad and they become more bearable.


Thats a popular opinion


Might not even be unpopular, but expo is actually a pretty good ring and I’d use it on any class.