Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I find it to be good, but outclassed by other, higher-end options (pyra, bracer, etc).


I actually agree with the first 5, but I love skins and reskins. I’m an aesthetics guy.


A+W/S+D are unchanged during confusion, and A+S/D+W are backwards. Easier to learn imo, and once you know diagonals you can move wherever reasonably easily confused


-Trickster, Mystic, and Paladin are the best characters from their armor types
-Scutum is actually amazing
-Oreo is overrated
-So is rogue in general
-Cdirk just makes you a less speedy ninja without piercing
-Everything past a rare pet makes the game so easy it isn’t fun
-Low DPS characters get loot almost exactly as often as high DPS ones
-Library is honestly stupid easy if you have halfway decent dodging skills and a brain
-Shatters is more lucrative and fun than any other dungeon in terms of time>loot quality
-Abyss is still great to run just for the experience
-Sprite worlds are easier than spider dens
-Most white bags, in general, are completely unnecessary for a character to be good
-Rushing on wizard, sorce, necro, mystic, and priest isn’t hard. Even without UTs
-Crystal wand is the best wand in the game. Period.
-Wand of the bulwark is more fun though
-Electric is more useful than HP heal on pets, in the right situations
-You don’t need more than three character slots, but every vault space is good


Confusion is the easiest debuff in the game to deal with, blind is a b%@^& and a half


Blind usually shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s giving you trouble, have the brightness a little bit up. Not great for your eyes so I try to avoid this, but it does help.

It certainly shouldn’t be used as a main, but it does have great uses now and then when you have enemy walls to run through. With its short effect duration, it’s not like the Jugg, thus wasn’t ever so high-rated in the first place.

This may not be the case. If there is a crowded scenario where you only get a few seconds to deal damage, a low DPS character will get annihilated by the competition. While it’s true that more DMG does not always equal more loot, a high DPS certainly does help, and seeing how RotMG is extremely crowded during events and such, it may be necessary for chipping in at that white bag chance.

I believe this goes for pretty much any mid-level dungeon in RotMG.

This is very opinion-based and I respectively disagree. The Boss fight in the Abyss of Demons is actually pretty entertaining.

Uh. No. Big no. I understand that this is opinion-based as well, but Sprite World enemies deal a substantial amount of damage, especially for new players with less DEF. Let’s not forget to mention that Limon’s red bullets during the laser phase can quickly kill off weak characters. (They do 70 DMG)

For Spider Dens, Arachna has ~2,000 base HP, which is nothing compared to Limon’s ~9,000 HP plus Invulnerable phases.

The only issue I see with the Spider Den is to make sure you don’t crack a bunch of eggs and lag out.

Now, I don’t know what you rush on your typical day, but squishy classes like those have dangerously low DEF for properly rushing Tombs, OTs, and endgame dungeons. It’s doable for sure, but it’s considerably challenging.

In the right situations, any of the pet abilities is better than HP Heal.

Only three? If you’re going to keep multiple maxed characters, PPEs, and characters for fun and messing around, you’re gonna need more than three, my friend.


This one is popular

This one isn’t unpopular.

This is a popular opinion

This is a popular opinion

This is a mathematical fact.

This is the definition of a UT.


If you do a “account reset,” you should also release your pet.

The strongest UTs don’t compare to your pet, so stop doing an “account reset” then immediately whip out your pet.


Or you can just not use it


Or you could just quit and live life to the fullest.


Honestly if I ever got good enough to an ‘account reset’ I would just use the eggs I hatched


-Not everything needs to be endgame content. There needs to be new content added that attracts new players while also giving an opportunity to more experienced players of getting pots fast (i.e another vit or dex dungeon). If you constantly need harder content to enjoy the game, you should probably find another game that fits your skill level.

-UTs should absolutely be tradable, or have some sort of way to be administered to the masses. They were the driving force of the economy (giving life pots and, in turn, giving other lower-tired pots more extrinsic value) and need to be reintroduced into the market. The new Unity UT “trade-up” system sounds great, and will benefit newer players that feel they can’t get the top UTs

-The Ghost dagger is actually really good (this might be popular, but I’ve heard otherwise)

-Jesus Christ not everything needs to armor pierce

-Knight is slowly becoming useless since it seems almost all new content is stun immune

-While pets are a nightmare for new content, they should not be removed from the game since the game is now too heavily revolved around them. It would make playing hell if they just upped and changed them too much.

-Having hard dungeons that require teamwork and strategy is awesome and should be implemented more. Discouraging teamwork will dampen the community and, again, make new players not feel welcome

-No one cares if you can dodge every projectile in the game. This doesn’t mean all new content should cater to you (related to bullet #1) and that new players should go somewhere else if they can’t “git gud”

-I’m gonna say it even if it was factually disproven a long time ago: Over-damaging absolutely exists

-Skins are not good items, all of them should be dropped in the game





Agree with most of them! (Ghost Dagger = Spirit Dagger, right? Yeah I use it on an assassin, perfectly fine.)
Except maybe we should say the {paranoia} about overdamaging absolutely exists. :smiley:


I feel like overdamaging exists, yet if you do enough insane damage you also get better loot


No matter who owns RoTMG, the loot boxes and nexus gear aren’t going away


the nexus wc tops better leave


Being lucky isn’t impressive


Deca is jeopardizing the game with putting st chests in a lot of mystery boxes in the shop.