Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


ASS isn’t that bad. It’s a compromise between a tiered sword and Csword, and certainly easier to get compared to the latter. Plus, you can one-shot enemies in Abbyss on a Knight if you got a Pyra.


I admit I am one of these people to some extent. But what would you define as a “pure loot collector game”?


They should remove Speedy from most classes, especially the new Speedy additions
UDL’s only threat being burst trap is terrible design
Nest is too easy for the rewards it gives
LH is unfun and discord raids are the worst way to play the game
Balancing unfair interactions in dungeons would be very easy but Deca intentionally avoids it
Pets are only problematic after lv 70
Oreo is underpowered
New Samurai ST set is uninteresting
New O2 phases suck (except chase phase and daze phase) and lack player participation
I’ve come closer to dieing in Snake Pits than I have in Cursed Libraries
Deathless Crossbow should drop from a harder dungeon


The type of game that is entirely centered around loot collection, they have alot more things to collect, and usually better loot systems, than RotMG does


Discord runs are good in that you make new friends (more event runs though), normal endgame dungeons require a certain amount of focus to map read, so can’t really chat


They need to buff cc (candy coated)

Samurai needs a deflection ut waki

decoy pet ability is good


wdym by “deflection”


a waki that deflects projectiles either back at the enemy, or in the direction the cursor is pointed


I second this.


Rogue is good.
I enjoy playing rogue because I’m usually playing realm alone. ;-;


i always liked savage over electric but its nice to have one of each to switch to


That’s not an unpopular opinion. And I’m much too aware of it 8(


Or even idle games. They are centered around providing just enough new loot to keep you going on for hours while making no progress.


Yeah but give examples!


I don’t play and am not interested in them, i don’t know examples, but it should be easy to find some large examples looking up


Not sure if I’ve said that here in the past, but either way I’d like to see what y’all think about this : stars and fame on a character means nothing, you don’t need skill to gather stars so judging someone on their star color is stupid. I’ve seen blue stars that were godly at the game, while some white stars I’ve encountered couldn’t even dodge simple bullet patterns.


Most of the old ‘godly’ pre pet players would be horrible in modern realm.


I guess that would depend on the bosses they face. Most of the game is much easier than before with the pets, new items and stacks of healing/magic potions (they used to take one inventory slot each if you carried some around).

The new bosses are hard though, so it would take some time for those players to learn the patterns, like for everyone else discovering them.


I disagree. Yes, there are some people who got their white star or fame completly via training and some people who maybe only play 2 or 3 classes, but in 85% of cases the yellow/white star is going to be a much better player than the blue/red star. Regarding Fame I would say that someone who can keep characters alive long enough to get a few thousand fame is clearly better than someone who regularly dies at 700 fame or so.

Its certainly not without flaw (like anything else in life), but its the best “fast” indicator for someones skill we have.


Are we counting players that regularly run LH discord raids to accumulate fame as some of the better players? Discords do have requirements you have to fulfill first, some more strict than others, but the act of being in a raid is often less skill-intensive than playing the game without coms.