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This, and the good old fame trains require no skill, which is why I don’t consider stars to be an accurate representation of one’s skill. If you got stars by completing difficult challenges, for instance being able to solo a rather difficult boss, or finish a dungeon in limited time, then I’d gladly accept most white stars as good at the game.

This reminds me of something another game had. In that other game, you could recognise a player if they had a specific cosmetic set that could only be acquired by defeating very difficult, endgame missions for which you needed excellent strategy, aim and coordination. As so, people with those cosmetics were respected as elite players.

However a cheap strat was found that made these missions trivial, as long as the player used some elaborate glitch. In a matter of days, these cosmetics were obtained by players that were really bad at the game, but used the glitch to get those anyway. What was originally a mark of respect was now something you could get regardless of your skill. Sure, some of those people are very good and got those legit, but there’s no way to tell them apart of the newbies that exploited the glitch.

Replace those cosmetics by the white star and the glitch by cheap methods like fametraining and LH raiding and you get a similar situation : what was supposed to be an award of dedication to the game and ability to keep a character alive through a difficult game is now awarded to any player that has the ability to simply follow a group of players.

TL:DR sure some white stars are worth respect and got this title for a reason, but if anyone can get it without even getting good at the game then it doesn’t mean anything anymore.


Boot On the Ground is underrated and it is the best fame bonus.


Yes, but star color is still a pretty good quick indicator of the other person’s general skill level. If I hop in an abyss with a yellow star, I’m going to feel pretty confident that they’re going to be good clearing in one direction while I go the other way. If they’re a light blue star, I’m going to go with them to make sure they don’t screw up and get themselves rekt. Obviously this is a very specific example, but you get the idea.


Star color should be a cosmetic choice that you unlock as you get more of them.
You’d still have the number of stars by your name anyways, so it’s not like the achievement of maxing out would be removed, and you’d have to do so to be a white anyways.


Can I get a dislike for ‘Remove pets’?


Pets are cool. (Mainly because I suck with them, and without I’d suck even more)


Rather than a dislike, you get a rather heated and intense discussion.

The dislike is what we keep for Kabam instead!


Kabam was by far better for realm than Deca (In terms of how the game is ran) Deca is destroying the economy and has extremely fckd up ban rules unlike Kabam had.


kabam didn’t care about cheaters either

They let multiboxing happen and I heard that at some point they weren’t even watching cheater report videos anymore


Yeah since they let the game run at its minimum while only leaving support live. Still their ban policies were way better than deca’s. that’s undenyable.


Boot On the Ground should be the only fame bonus that gives 50% because of inconvenience when getting to desired destinations (say Hermit for example).

Vit ring is good for all classes, even if you have max Divine Heal pet.

Pure HP rings are worst if used on ranged classes.


I think it’d be pretty cool to have some sort of star revamp that keeps the idea, but implements specific class challenges so fame training/LHs farming to easily flex le funny white star is essentially nullified.

For EX: Increase the amount of stars you need to earn for each class, maybe 8 or 10 IDK. After your usual 2000 fame for 5 stars, the next 5 stars would be gained by completing class-specific quests. I don’t have any ideas for what those quests could be, but theoretically they should be a challenge to complete to actually weed out the bad and the skilled players.

This would not only separate bad and good players, it would potentially open up more star colors above white, and hell, maybe even ANIMATED stars because yknow Exalt client and stuff. It also would incentivize more people to return to other classes and in general play the game more.


Eh, I have to disagree. Pets did a huge number on the game and has a much greater effect on the game then the inflation deca has made. It’s a bit strange how people now view the economy when kabam owned the game as balanced even though they straight up stopped all trading at one point. I didn’t even mention how kabam did very little for realm towards the end of their tenure.


Why? You get less than a rare pet with a maximum vit build

Not really an unpopular opinion.


default skins are the best skins for most classes.

lost halls discord runs are the most fun aspect of the game and are extremely positive for realm.

ppes are mundane and overrated. it is much more fun to play on normal main characters.

fame trains can be fun, (make a playlist and zone out) or run dungeons that drop from gods.

event whites are overrated. tiered items can be much more useful in a lot of situations. the reason for the hype behind them is their rarity.

void entity is far easier than mbc.

void entity is less risky than cult boss.

idlers/movers manipulating spawns in fame trains should not be bannable. gaining more fame helps players feed their pets/ reach goals they might have. additionally, it is very fun to participate in. also gaining more fame does not hurt the game at all, it makes it more fun. It would harm deca’s revenue for pets though and also its an ingame exploit. its understandable that its banned but i think it should not be.

deca is slowly ruining the game with too many chest events making uts to sell for money(sts), but they have done more good then bad overall.

pets ruined the game in many ways. not only because they made gameplay to easy and boring. also because they are extremely pay to win. unless you want to spend tons of hours grinding lost halls/fame trains and chest events for feed power you cannot get the maxed out divine pet. ( i know i have a divine pet) Pets should revolve around a system similar to a character where it gains exp/ fame maybe as a different metric where it levels up and evolves to different stages. One should not have to die to feed their pet instead it should level up with them.

UTs should be unsoulbound regardless of the duping situation. they are not that gamebreaking and some STs are better which can be purchased for gold. Either unsoulbound them or increase the drop rates. Maybe UT exchange will take care of it though.

Back when realm had a stable economy and no pets during wildshadow it was at its prime for being a difficult co-op game.


For realm, hard =/= good.


well in 2011 hard = good


modern realm. After the hard, easy is good because I’m lazy.


Minority players that can’t afford to upgrade their cpu to play exalt already quit playing


Uh… They can still play on flash with no difference?