Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


that why i said minority and i believe it’s also unpopular opinion


I’m just confused :sweat_smile:. If they can’t do Exalt, why woulx they quit when flash is exactly the same as before?


I think that’s in need of correction: I’d say that hard (not fun) =/= challenging (can bee fun).
Though I do agree that putting a notable skill floor right at the start of the game will probably bee a bit too harsh.
Will bee interesting to see how it’ll bee post-IC/OoC, considering that’s a direct buff for petless players…


I predict Fungal Breastplate beeing the new ‘meta’ armor in place of Mercy’s Bane/Breastplate of New Life. That said, is DECA planning on nerfing it?


Not afaik!
Which means that, while (in? idk how to properly preface it) OoC, a petless Knight wearing just the Fungal Breastplate as vit-boosting equipment, will get an absurd regen of (1+0.12*135)*2 = 17.2 * 2 = 34.4 HP per second. That’s faster than with Healing, nearly a third of a Divine pet’s regen (which is honestly quite a feat, considering that’s just petless).


hmmm… perhaps I have some unpopular opinions… :3

  • The lore you can read in the cursed library is… pretty lifeless and underwhelming.

  • The sloppiness of the flavour-text in so many newer items is an underrated factor in the game’s increasing aesthetic and thematic decline.

  • Player skins are more often than not a terrible eyesore. So many truly bad or ill-fitting sprites have slipped through the cracks. The same goes for pet skins. I wish I could turn both off.

  • Oryx’s Sanctuary, while cool in itself, is entirely the wrong direction to take the Oryx 3 fight - or at the very least the wrong location. For all intents and purposes the Sanctuary is a slightly cooler Oryx’s Castle. Notice how charming the transition from Oryx’s Chamber to Oryx’s Wine Cellar (of all places!) actually is… the bathos is so fantastic. I’d even go so far as to say that the Oryx 2 fight is more thematically and (dare I say) emotionally exciting than what I’ve seen of the Oryx 3 fight - because Oryx is so cornered… There’s wine on the floor and a drunken mess of monsters crowding around him, he’s so desperate… he’s truly mad. This, to me, feels like a unique and creative design choice. Meanwhile, Oryx 3’s arena is sterile and Oryx himself shouts a lot of bombast but otherwise presents as a consummate warrior. Each of the mini-bosses have a million times the amount of personality that Oryx 3 has - and what personality he acquires by becoming ‘exalted’ during the fight, I’d argue, is entirely misguided. Oryx should DESCEND into utter mania, not ASCEND into a white-armoured, flame-sworded celestial avenger. He should shoot bizarre multi-coloured fire instead of bland white slashes, he should pull every dirty trick in the book to stay alive - and most of all he should be as terrified as you are. As someone who has been quite invested in the idea of Oryx 3 for many years now (see my earliest dungeon idea) I have to say, while it ticks its own boxes perfectly, there’s maybe a bit of a missed opportunity for something truly engaging to happen in this fight. Sorry for the wall of text… I had to try and put that into words :sweat_smile:

I’ll see if I can think of some more later!


Its harder to find people with default skins then people who don’t. its kinda weird now.

I strongly disagree, I think having dps blobs isn’t good for the game. I also don’t like how doing pub halls is basically nonexistent.

I agree on mundane. Its boring not being able to use your ability. PPE is nice because you know that all the gear you have is earned and not given.

I think fame should be rewarded as you play your character. Not just after you die.

Inflation is probably the biggest flaw deca has on realm. But in the grand scheme of things, deca has done a lot of good.

With older dungeons, absolutely. But with newer, end game dungeons. You are almost forced to use a good pet unless you either in a discord, or have very adept knowledge of the dungeon. It’s frustrating to feed my pet because the majority of the loot I get are cyans… :confused:

Some UTs just need to be soulbound. Items like the prot, jugg, or oreo shouldn’t be very accessible. I think having a set day to trade UTs would be really cool like what kabam did with UT weekend. But increasing the drop rates on certain UTs may only destabilize the economy.


When I said PPEs are boring and mundane. I meant PPES alone. Mundane is a great fame bonus and an easy one to have. Nothing against mundane. Also not sure what you mean by pub halls being nonexistent they do runs 24/7.


That’s only unpopular because lore is second to gameplay.
No matter how thematic it may have been, O2 was a terrible joke of a bossfight.


I mean people that do halls that drop from lost sentry.


I don’t mean to offend, but barely anyone cares much about the barebones lore of a pixelated MMO with no real immersive factor, character depth or detailed worldbuilding, really, the gameplay and visual quality are all that matter for most of the playerbase, and on the gameplay front the entire Oryx Castle and Wine Cellar fall flat on their faces.

(It’s still fine if you care, but the vast majority doesn’t really play with any of that in mind)


I very strongly agree with this. I, along with many others, thought the sheer amount of lore provided by the realm eye was super cool when it first came out, but upon reflection it reads like a hamfisted attempt at conjoining bits of setting that were never intended to go together in that way by the kind of person who’d normally be stuck writing mid-tier fanfiction. I feel that this is at least partially due to the setting and tone of the realmeye’s dialogue being completely unrepresentative of the rest of the game as a whole. for example, the plight of thesssal’s reluctant treaty with oryx to secure protection for herself and her mermaids isn’t visible at any point in the game. there’s room for a certain depth of character for someone forced into that position, but thessal doesn’t have any character whatsoever when you meet her face-to-face.

it’s sorta like constantly being told that you live in a grim depressive dystopian setting, but you never see any of it happening and the few people you interact with seem perfectly fine and sometimes even a bit cheerful. the world as you experience it compared to the world as you’re told how it is don’t match at all, and so one of the two is inevitably going to seem hollow and/or faked.


Kinda sucks they did away with the ability for people to make their own lore. I once started handwriting a story of how the nexus and real came to be, and was going to explore the simplest quest monsters like dreadstump and goblins, all the way up to what was currently the hardest enemy, the forgotten king. Now that the lore is handed to us, even though players can generate their own stories, people rarely feel inclined to do so as the official lore is given to us


Which is exactly why attempts to make the game more difficult ultimately make the game less fun.

More difficulty -> Harder to do content alone -> More discords -> Less fun

Some players on this forum just don’t seem to understand. They’re off in lala land and log in once in a blue moon to do a four man void with their closest friends.


The thing is, at the start the game was supposed to be a hard bullet hell game. The fun in this kind of game is to get gradually better at dodging difficult attacks and being able to do harder and harder fights. Pets were the first step that made many challenges trivial, but I’m glad that more difficult fights are added to the game, as we’re comming back to the original idea of the game.

I do believe the discords are not a fun way to play those new dungeons, but they’re very doable as a solo player, as long as you take the time to learn the patterns, understand how the fights work and get better at dodging them. If you don’t have fun in discords, just don’t use them and go practice by yourself or in small groups.

As the game became easier over time, another kind of player arrived and now there’s alot of them : the players that aren’t here to play the game of shoot and dodge, but rather the game of shoot and… that’s it. Those players don’t want difficulty, but only a braindead game to grind for rare items and do not want to invest time into getting good at the game. I’m kindof sad that this is the case, but if that makes them happy and I can have my difficult challenges in the game, then I can’t complain too much about those players. I will, however, complain if these people argue about the game being too hard, when it is the litteral point of the game.


challenge is what makes games interesting. it’s where the fun part of the game is at. if you remove all challenge you quickly lose all meaning the game had and you’re left with nothing, which is exactly what has happened to rotmg. raiding discords are boring because they remove all challenge from the game. what you’re describing is not an argument against the reintroduction of challenge, it’s an argument in favor of why I believe the problem is unfixable.

bringing back challenge is necessary for bringing the game back to life since its removal is what killed it, but the playerbase of addicted zombies has mechanisms in place (raiding discords, key mobs, etc.) to bypass any attempts deca could ever make at reintroducing the challenge the game has lost. and if they can’t bypass it for whatever reason, they’ll abandon the whole thing entirely. they’re too conditioned to sit in their little prize box pushing the loot button until something interesting happens. they will either continue to do so forever until their box is taken away from them and they disinterestedly leave forever, or until they snap out of the trance and realize what a trainwreck their beloved game has become.


And that’s WHY tomb runner and abyss runner events were introduced. I am struggling to rush abysses on melees, and even more without a pet.

I trained myself for 1 hour, and in that 1 hour i felt the challenging, risky aspect of the game. And it was beautiful. Not until my knight almost died though…


I want to see a video of you clearing a halls on your own.

If they nerf pets and make rushing impossible, I fully expect to see you clearing on your own.

Here’s my unpopular opinion: I personally think the game is fine exactly how it is. Is it perfect? No, of course not. But I don’t think for a second that Deca can make it perfect. And all the people complaining are free to use whatever pet they desire and whatever weapons they desire.

Yes. But that’s just it. Players right now have the ability to handicap themselves and “fix” the problem for themselves.

The core of the problem is, in ROTMG, hardcore challenges mandate hardcore grinding.

I’m sure there are lots of players in the game with real life obligations.

Take this death for instance. Do you know how many hours it takes to get a full st set necro? I know it takes a ton.

If you play for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day this is a huge setback.

So people will ultimately decide to run away from the game if it becomes too hard.

It’s not about the skill, it’s the fact that recovering can take months for a casual gamer.

And if you’re going to argue they don’t need the ST necro set to complete the game (which is true) the game implodes. There’s no reason to grind for loot.

People who aren’t in it for the loot will “one-and-done” O3.


Counterpoint: differs from game to game, but in the case of Realm, does ought to bee the defining part due to the permadeath, has indeed beecome lost with all the possibility to make it endlessly easier.


if that is the core problem you believe to have found then I would argue you need to dig even deeper.

I would argue the core of the problem is that rotmg is inherently flawed in concept. it is an mmo with all the addiction black magic associated with it, and it is shackled to a game mechanic from a wildly different genre of game: permadeath from roguelikes. these two not only don’t get along now, but they never can at any point in the future because they’re almost complete opposites. permadeath turns the already toxic relationship of an addicting mmo grind into an outright abusive one as it decks you in the face again and again and again every time you make a small mistake while still demanding you stay hooked with its strange inexplicable allure.

mmo is built on hardcore grinding, progress taking months if not years to come without the power of meaty whales, while permadeath only works in a setting where progress is relatively easy to regain. this disconnect can never be addressed without dramatically altering the structure of rotmg as a game. this is why everyone systematically removed challenge from the game in the first place, on some level they understand this is an unfair expectation. but the result is not a game, it’s a skinner box. I know that’s a common phrase to use against these sorts of games, but rotmg is frankly the scariest one I’ve ever seen.

correct. however I would say this is a different, parallel problem in the tangled disaster that got us to this point. rotmg is just way too shallow for a proper mmo, which makes the addiction state all the more frightening once you realize you’ve wasted so much of your life making essentially no progress because there never was any to make in the first place.