Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I don’t wanna be unrealisticly optimistic, this is just a grey area between totally giving up on any hope for improvement and taking improvement for a given.

But saying that things can’t improve for realm because most of the playerbase would quit relies on the assumption that the current lootbox discord meta being a bad thing is an unpopular opinion, which, judging by the polls on very relevant topics to this, is most likely even with only a very slightly lower amount of pro-change, a percentage that, because of a number of factors has alot mode potential to increase than decrease if Deca’s mechanical changes this side wants are carried out, you could say this is because most discord users are experienced players bored with the state of things, but that doesn’t hold true since the discord has tens of thousands of people in it, nearly anyone active that didn’t quit the game uses discord for it, these polls were completely open so, statistically speaking, most people voting on them are not veterans, and so more likely than not generally not a sample more biased than average for change, you could also take into account that every time you point out things are terrible (usually also saying they can’t change), the response is overwhelmingly positive, near zero people disagreeing, very high likes. It’s also not fair to assume (not saying you did) that everyone in the biggest discord (PubHalls, to a lesser extent Shatters discord) is in there because they like discords, and not out of an almost requirement to get the things in that dungeon, just look at how many people are in the Halls discord or Shatters one, yet last time i checked most of them aren’t in say, the Nest or Fungal Cavern discords, dungeons much more feasible to do from realms.

So with more numerical evidence for a fairly even split i find the pro-change side being an unpopular opinion too reliant on (potentially biased, harder to prove) assumptions.

(There’s also the fact people aren’t robots and if change ends up happening not everyone who was against it will adamantly keep hating it, of course a few people who are in favor of it can also become against it, but if the tables turn it’s only natural it increases the numbers of the side they favor, atleast relatively speaking.)


there’s another, more subtle thing going on here that muddies the picture quite a bit when it comes to gathering data like you mention here: being a single person in an ocean of other players does things to your mind that aren’t so obvious. it brings things out of you that you didn’t see coming and it can also silence certain thoughts you might have if you were thinking on your own. obviously everyone here still retains their critical thinking ability and is free to talk about bigger picture things as we’re doing here right now, but when you log in to the game and join the masses something strange happens and none of those thoughts have any impact.

backpedal’s constant use of the “well if that’s the case then how about you actually do it then?” argument isn’t entirely wrong, though it is a bit needlessly pointed. it illustrates that there’s a disconnect happening between what we say out here and what everyone’s behavior is in-game while their heads are actively in the mind fog enveloping the game.

seriously, try it. go out into the game and see for yourself what’s actually happening in practice. you and I both know from the conversations held here and from your data on those polls that there are people out there who would be interested in playing the game as a game for once. try to convince them to do something the “normal” way without keys or discords. see how many people actually look up from the masses and follow. I won’t bet that no one will join you, but I will bet that the vast majority of them would rather be stuck with their random prize box in the dark brain fog with the rest of the masses.

you’ve seen me argue against this type of behavior several times before here, but back when I actually did play the game even I was powerless against this stuff when I was actually in the game. no one would really play the game “normally”, the realms were all basically empty, if you wanted to get something done you’d probably have to do it with keys or discord. I was fully aware at the time that it’d be much more interesting to solo/small group my cults/nests/etc., but I could also tell that it’d be vastly more effective to wait until the masses brought out the keys and then zombie along with the rest of them. and I couldn’t really do anything about it, so I reluctantly went along with it until I came to the conclusions I’ve been sharing here and quit forever. this is the story of many veterans who have left the game a long time ago, never to return, though I doubt many of them share the same level of sheer nihilistic despair towards the game that I do.

the precedent for this kind of game-smothering grind gameplay has already been set and everyone’s gotten a long good taste of it by now. and whether you got hooked on the taste or left in disgust, it’s extremely difficult bordering on impossible to go back when you’ve experienced this version, even if you are fully 100% aware that it’d be for the best. the genie won’t go back in the bottle, it’s out and everyone knows about it and they’ll never forget.

mob psychology is a very powerful frightening monster.


I know i can’t really statistically prove this and don’t know which time and circumstance you’re referring to exactly but active servers’ realms are far from empty now and for as far as i can recall, it’s always been extremely easy for me to get into a full realm going to an active server especially with the new queue, i don’t have to “convince” anyone to play normally because plenty of people already do, if they didn’t i wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere since i avoid discords.


The assassin is the worst class.

If you think about it the poison is pretty shit. Like it does around 100 damage per second for like 5 seconds and that’s it. It can be good when it’s maxed but its still not very good. You need a good pet for this class to be IGHT but still not very good. It’s like a Trickster but is worse and ability doesn’t make them teleport.


Is that unpopular, though?


It’s probably the most universal opinion (not everyone hates ninja/mystic), but probably tied with the samurai.


Assassin is probably the class I hate the most. I have yet to try updated bard though but from the first testing session it’s just about at that level


I don’t know. I recently came back and all the new skins look incredibly low effort. I mean the bosses are nice but the items look straight out of some private server. They’re all kinda ugly.


Occasionally there’s a good skin, but all the rest are garbage tier, look like something I’d make.


Dungeon cap should be decreased to 20 and hp scaling percentages should be higher


Csword>colo sword in most situations


Samurai at least offers some teamplay thanks to Exposed. +20 damage may not seem like a lot, but that adds up quite quickly in larger groups with lots of hits.
What does Assassin have? Armor Break if you have a rare event white? Cursed if you have a rare ST? Mediocre AoE damage that only becomes noticable in smaller groups?

They’re all biased towards Samurai because it’s newer than other classes.


Nah, it’s just more of a jack of all trades. I’ll admit I suck at it, but don’t hate it (doesn’t it give even more steamroll power though ;()


I’m confused though.

If you’re burnt out from the game, why would O3 restore your interest in it? Like I was saying before, it’s only a matter of time before you start losing characters left and right.

Why would nerfs restore your interest in the game either?

For every few minutes of jam packed action, there are hours of grinding.

You’re going to be faced with two options. Either you get on the grind or you’ll have to bow out of O3.

My unpopular opinion: I know the grind is what burns me out. The more times I have to see Limon the more I hate the game.


Why do you feel the need to see Limon, may I ask? If pots, just do some other content that you prefer, and trade for the Dexs. If EP/Plane, they’re common enough aren’t they?


it wouldn’t. nothing will, that’s the point. this isn’t about O3.

reintroducing challenge to a game that has lost it doesn’t come from a single endgame boss, it’d have to come from something that affects the entire game because the entire game was affected by the removal of any and all challenge. if adding a single hard boss was all you did then at best you’d make the game feel lively again for that one boss and nothing else, but more realistically it’ll probably just end up as another one to add to the pile of trivialized gameplay. IC/OoC was a step in the right direction, but it alone wouldn’t be enough either and I suspect deca would “forget” to take any of the necessary steps afterwards so it’ll end up not changing much.

I think you’re confused at least in part due to me agreeing with you on several points, something you probably aren’t used to hearing if I’m being perfectly honest. but while I agree on the points you raise, I draw very different conclusions from them. I agree that the game’s permadeath mechanics make challenging content unsatisfying to play, and I also believe that it needs some form of challenge to be interesting. something has to budge in order to resolve that contradiction or rotmg will stay stuck, and given how rooted those two issues are it’s very likely that whatever changes will provoke some sort of outcry.

just so we’re all perfectly clear and on the same page: my unpopular opinion is that rotmg as a “game” isn’t dying, it’s already dead. and that there is nothing in the realm of feasibility that will ever restore my interest in the game. there are changes that could be made that would grab my interest again, but they’re all far too radical to get off the ground in any realistic scenario.


Ah ok that makes sense.




I disagree. i never spent money on my pet nor grinded lhs for a long time to get my divine. It just takes time overall and being patient enough to play the game.


I agree relatively, I think the Nest boss is perfectly doable solo. I think Fungal Cavern is hard, and is doable solo, but is simply not done because it has bad intuitive learning since it just expects to shotgun you for you to learn the mechanics. Like the spider can pop an 8/8 instantly and is the fastest minion in the dungeon and can enter the dash from out of your vision range. People have defended that, somehow. However, I like challenge, but the sincere problem with the game is that most the endgame content is attempting to rely on cheese, or pure bad design to kill you. Which makes me sick and want to quit. I could honestly care less if my death was something blatantly my fault even if my character was my 8/8 I worked so hard on and that I’d have to grind all that back again.

Lost Halls in particular is just horrible because enemies have far too much health, and there’s far too many rooms to clear to reach the boss, and the damage is poorly tuned, such that every innocuous enemy in the dungeon will deal >100 damage simply because designing interesting rooms was too hard. There is not a single room in the Lost Halls that I would call interesitng or fun to clear. Lost Halls is cohesively bad because it’s anti-challenge, it gates off almost every player from a serious clear and incentivises them to go in enormous parties that (still) effortlessly clear the dungeon, rewarding them loot better than anywhere else in the game for the ‘challenge’ they fought. It’s not what someone should be doing when they enter ‘the hardest dungeon’ because it’s clearly not.

If I were to be a rogue player, and just play the game how I want to play it, where I have small group Nests in realm whenever I’m lucky enough for it, and solo Fungal Caverns. I can do that, but there’s some oozing zombie ‘veteran player’ with great understanding of the game who is mindlessly grinding his hours pressing space on a priest in a LH discord run to get triple my reward. Not that I ‘care’ or will change how I play, but it is very stupid and the dungeon is a toxin on the game that seeps the worst out of players.