Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


i was speaking on doing it as efficiently as possible not being patient. sure if you play the game for a few years and die frequently it shouldnt be a problem. I was mainly saying how the process for a pet is flawed. For players like me and others who enjoy preserving their characters and rarely die it is not a good system. Sure it is not that hard to get a f2p divine but the process could be improved.

EDIT: It is pretty pay to win and I’m not sure what you being able to get a divine pet has to do with that? I got one as well mainly f2p, but it is pretty pay to win as a system in general. Feedpower on items is low even lower with the nerfs and it takes lots of time to get. Whereas feeding purchasable pet food is much more convenient. Sure players can get divine f2p or 100 100 f2p I was just saying the process is not fun.




What make you say this?


Well, I can always dodge. I can’t not lose MP if I’m playing the game to the fullest.

Thus, I’d rather powerlevel MHeal first as opposed to standard Heal (so I can get more MP/(second*food spent))


uhh kinda but i thought it is popular that the mystic is the worst class


Mystic just requires more skill than most classes. With a decent pet and equips, it is easily one of the best classes in the game for solo, small group and large group play, thanks to self buffs and support capabilities.


the flex though


depends on how you’re looking at it and what you’re basing the title of “worst class” on. assassin is completely useless, but also completely harmless. mystic can be good, but it is also the only one capable of being a nuisance to other players. if “worst” means “least useful”, then the title would go to assassin (or bard maybe depending on how you feel about it), but if it means “most annoying” then it’d be mystic.


Good point. I was going “worst” being “least useful” there; mystic can certainly be annoying sometimes.


In addition to what you said, if they added challenge, then it would be nice if they buffed drop rates a bit for our hard work.


This right here is why i desperately wish pets never happened, its because if something doesnt 1 shot you, pets usually instaheal any mistakes you make, thats why end game dungeons are exclusively shot guns leaving you very little room to blink before you get popped if you make any mistakes and there’s very little other players can do to save you.

Before pets this wasn’t the case, take clearing abyss or wine cellars before ppl had pets, you get chunked but it wouldnt be like 1000 damage, sure you’d be low hp, often asking for healers to heal you back up, Vit and Wis were relevant stats, players would actually work as a team, ppl would even clear wine cellar together just to thank the player who popped the inc.

But the moment pets came in, players started behaving like selfish leeches, disregarded the teamwork the game used to thrive on, ppl began treating the game like a pachinko machine, and since the new end game dungeons have to still somehow challenge the veteran players who of course will bring pets with stupidly broken heals + mheals, the only means to challenge these players is to throw a barrage of shotguns or bullets that inflict like 10 debuffs at once onto you.

All because of pets, many players may be like ‘But look at how much money we spent on our pay to win pets, they add things like actual progression!’ but on the flipside its come at a huge price, irreparable damage to the entire balance of the game, and damage to the mentality which players approach this game with.

I could go on and on but seriously, i hate what pets have done to realm.
If hey were removed we could have dungeons like tomb of the ancients or ocean trench actually be whats considered endgame again, and some of the other end game dungeons like LH, nests, fungal/crystal caverns could be rebalanced to be doable in public groups with enough willingness to work as a team instead of simply grinded in a raid discord because ppl only seem interested in speed running for the loot.


I’d say only if you’re constantly in a big steamroll group (in which scenario rogue also = useless). Once the group gets weaker/smaller then versus any content that doesn’t force players into close range, assassin is still king of low risk soulbound, and able to get the job done in fights like O2 dance/suns when everyone else chickens out of fighting.


Who chickens out of suns? Honestly if you just circle him it isn’t dangerous or hard


I have my good sun phases too, but sun phase actually does hurt a bit, especially in small groups where the phase is elongated and there aren’t priests/pallies topping you off every two seconds. Sometimes the suns intuitively create a safespot while rotating(perhaps when he is permalyzed?); sometimes the bullets just seem to fill every gap.


The only place where soulbound damage matters anymore is the older mid-game dungeons such as O2 or Trench in my experiences, now it is just pure RNG.


Yes it feels like 1000-1500 is enough to get you soulbound everywhere, and even lower than that in some fights, if getting a mark (or tokens in the events with those) signifies you’ve done sb, and if there aren’t sneaky higher thresholds. And people seem to get white bags with crappy chars/PPEs or doing “hardly any” damage enough for I think it not to be a worry at all, unless you are really doing no damage.


Honestly, I really like bard. Inspire is a fun ability to have, albeit it does allow cheesing a bit (as an inspired wizard, I can shoot O2 during the dance phase without getting in the range of any attacks), that’s fine as due to the lower range of bows compared to staves and wands, most of the cheeses require some level of individual cooperation which in my opinion makes them a good thing


Really? I typically pray like hell for a sun phase and sit like 1 tile away and barely get hit x)


WildShadow was over-idealised. The game devs were rookies, and would have screwed up something, somewhere. If they hadn’t sold it so soon, I guarantee some core gameplay issue would have come about. Not to say Kabam doesn’t deserve at least some of the blame, but it does serve as a scapegoat a lot. Fun fact, if Kabam didn’t buy RotMG, we wouldn’t have DECA. The guy that started DECA was a veteran Kabam employee, if not for his employment, he’d probably not‘ve heard of RotMG :expressionless:


(Also, it was Spry Fox that added most of the more interesting fights to Realm. As Toast put it, Wild Shadow is mostly shotguns and minion spam)