Post your unpopular opinions about realm here

  • I think the classes are fine as they are right now, even with the issues they have
  • I think solo rogue is fun gameplay
  • I think samurai is one of the best / most fun classes in the game


It’s a thorny issue because while there were rampant hacks and exploits in the Wild Shadow era due to the coding and Flash itself (at one point players could simply ‘hack’ by editing the stats in their local Flash files and the game allowed this!), because the game was an indie thing I don’t think players felt it “owed” them anything, unlike how it becomes when you have players shelling out hundreds of dollars. And players weren’t motivated to hack like they are now, because the game had more coherence when it didn’t have all these barriers to overcome to get rare loot, only for it to be lost in a split-second.

During WS it always felt as though gameplay changes were for the good of the game, and they had some concept in mind for what the game “should” be. Deca often feels directionless (or multiheaded) by comparison, there’s not good continuity with several ideas/projects started but then left abandoned. Maybe it’s unavoidable since Deca isn’t treating it as just some indie project that they don’t want to make major changes to core gameplay at the drop of a hat (like WS might have done - see gravelooting removal patch for a controversial change) and invite an outcry of complaints.

Of course there’s no way to know what would have happened had the game remained an indie project. Well… except probably the WS devs would have got bored of it and written it off at some point/shut it down.


You’ve come to the right topic with that one!

What gear/setup do you use on samurai, to get most enjoyment out of it?


I think sorcerer is a fun class who can do everything and still maintain viability thanks to today’s pure rng drop rates. I also believe sorcerer should have staves to make it a good class to play instead of wizard and fit it’s description, a high damage long range damage dealer.

I also believe necromancer and assassin should attain new “big abilities” (such as reviving the dead) and that assassin should be completely reworked in the ability department


Common drops, but you’re also more likely to die with them than with other UTs.

EP: sitting on something while you don’t know the time window of its shotguns.
Plane: forget you have it on, teleports near monsters or even on top of them to taste the delicacy of the shotguns.

Also, unpopular opinions:

The staff of extreme prejudice is not garbage. You just need to equip different things and play differently.
Spirit staff is a crowd-control staff that can be used as a main. Not a bad staff, just different.


Don’t see why this would be too unpopular

This staff is extremely extremely situational. The only things it can even be used for is quest chests, things that dont shoot, and cry. In addition, you can’t even see half of the things you can ep as there is no invisibility slider yet.


what do you mean slider?


like the ability to change the visibility of players, i believed deca was going to make it a slider in the settings menu





I would love an endgame dungeon with a max player limit similar to heroic abyss/heroic udl


Spirit Staff only works against incredibly low defense targets and soon drops out in damage, even compared to astral! The catch is that unless the group is armor broken, spirit staff’s dps is just always bad. Additionally, for some reason, it comes with an abnormal difficult to use amplitude


I mean. Planeswalker is a really powerful cloak (if you get hella mp heal), and if you use it enough (is something I use in all endgame dungeons to escape swarm of bullets), you aren’t going to accidently jump on a boss cause you don’t forget you have it on! Though EP is way to situational to actually see use outside of trolling imo


Ep might he good for rushing? Idk never tried it, but you can just pew pew things chasing you from all directions at the same time


So the staff classes are wizard, necro, and mystic.

Wizard: Shouldn’t rush but when they do, they generally use spell and a ranged staff to instakill certain dangerous minions and the rest don’t matter or you should probably not be rushing. (personal experience)

Mystic: You prob want a single target staff to kill the minions that weren’t statsised.

Necro: I’m not entirely sure but i feel like a standard staff would be better then EP cause EP’s range is low but i don’t actually know


EP is for obliterating constructs, because those annoying craps are everywhere


Electric Pet + Maxed Class = works!


EPing = Fun


It needs faster firing rate! I’ll take less dps if it had higher firing rate so it’s fun!


I use it in Docks like this because with a no-electric pet you get mobbed more. Not full out rushing but running into a room and a couple of circles around and all is dead with no need to bother aiming.


Yes, I tried it and it is difficult to aim at singular targets. But against groups of enemies, the amplitude makes it so that the damage is spread more equally to the group, making it better for dealing with groups than picking off single targets. If you only meant using its high amplitude to bypass singular obstacles, well then I wholly agree.

Hmmm, I will say you are right, because I really never played rogue enough to gain experience (I strangely end up dying a lot even though its suppposed to be safe) and because I have heard that planewalker is not only a very good cloak, but a must-have for any rogue. btw planewalker is the sprite world’s white i feed, not EP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: