Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Extremely well made, detailed video.

RotMG in fact seems to have suffered from that for a very long time.


I soloed a fungle a few days ago and almost every public one I see in aus has 10-20 people. It’s a great dungeon.


my problem with void is that even if you 4man void you still get 0


DBow is overrated.


I dunno about yall but we need more happy Oryx



Maybe if he wasn’t so intent on killing us then we’d see him happy more often


That image is maybe how Oryx goes when he does kill everyone in the WC. And we’re just not there to see it.

…I wonder what his overall playerkills per death stat would look like. I mean, it’s rare nobody at all dies so he’s gotta be well into >1 numbers, so that’s something he can be happy about…I guess! :thinking:


Bulwark is the only way priest is getting sb damage thoughout oryx castle


Uh, no…
SB is low as heck

That’s not an unpopular opinion, that’s literally just wrong


The jingle for you loading into a dungeon is too loud.


I’ll spoil you one thing, the new oryx is definitely winning the death exhange so far.


Like no duh. I said that was going to happen dozens of times.

It’s not a worthwhile dungeon. You lose more than you gain.

You died to it as well so you have no leg to stand on.

My unpopular opinion is that Deca surrounds themselves with yes men (like you).

You all love everything toastrz and kiddforce make. You never object to their ridiculousness.

All the closed testers are delusional to think O3 was a positive addition to the game. I know that there will be initial interest, but ultimately that will die down (unless people can avoid dying 24/7).

And they’re just as delusional about the pet changes.

I think the closed testers would be much happier on a pserver. They can make all the hard bosses they want that one shot kill you.


I’d give it a few weeks before drawing any conclusions


Yes, we know it’s hard. Remember when void was hard? Now it’s completed basically every run. Same thing here. In the future, O3 runs will get 1-2 deaths mark my words. DECA doesn’t surround themselves with yesmen. Also, Uni is a DECA employee, kinda hard to be a yes man to himself.

[Not all the testers like Toast and Kidd, it’s just no one feels the need to tell the whole fucking world]


Unfortunate to see that it may get steamrolled again by organized discords. But I hope the IC/OoC @/Seelpit loves to mention, along with the rumored new HP-scaling, and Tome updates remedy the steamrolling tendencies. Hopefully less organized groups will run it more.

please i just want pub endgame dungeons. 3-person fungal/nest/halls takes ages




Arent these just cosmetic updates? Ore are you talking about the one detail from a spoiler a few weeks ago that simply suggested a change to its mechanics? I took this as a nerf, that the tome does the same heal to yourself and distributes the rest among all other players


All I’m guessing is that it’ll be a nerf to groups. I’m guessing the heal will be “split” among players within the heal radius. Whether or not this affects the priest himself, I don’t know, but we know for sure that there will be a wismod to help counter this effect, whatever it exactly is.


I think we are on the same page, I just misread your reply at first


Uh, I mean… it just happens that I get WAY more lucky with my bulwark than with any other wand (honourable mention to theurgy wand… rip).

I know…

…I know…

I just wanted to post an unpopular and totally biased opinion, nothing serious. Heck, as far as I’m concerned its not even mine. But if you insist - as shown in this sample of your post:

… I will refrain from posting such opinions here.