Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


This game is a horror game




Another unpopular opinion is that group nerfs don’t encourage smaller groups.

In the case of halls, I would be fine with doing smaller halls. However, due to demand the dungeon fills up to 65.

Trying to nerf large groups is ignorant of the real issue, which is that lots of people want to do a dungeon. I personally wouldn’t care if 30 people are in the dungeon or 65 (and I’m sure others feel this way as well).

It’s the same for Oryx 3. As long as Oryx 3 is hard to access because of runes, you best believe any discord que that pops up will fill up completely (unless discords start excluding but that’s another issue). These people aren’t queing for O3 thinking “those extra 30 people will really help with the heals”, they’re thinking “oh good this is my chance to do O3”.

So many closed testers seem to have the false belief that everyone huddles together just so they can steamroll content. That is really not the case. The fact is that everyone wants to try Oryx 3 (just like everyone wanted to do halls).

In my opinion the steamroll is a symptom.


Well it’d be nice if HP scaling was toned down for smaller groups. One thing about halls that makes it discouraging for small groups is that they take forever. If it was exponential (with the cap totalling the same as the current HP-scaling. Basically 65 people still experience the same HP scaling but 10 is barely different from 5 people) it’s a straight up improvement for smaller groups.


Well, maybe I’m the only one that doesnt want to do halls. Eventually…


I want to do halls, I just don’t want to do mindless discord raids, maybe with IC/OoC, the instakill enemies and value of steamrolls will be rebalanced and pub halls would be more viable


Same man, same.


LoD ST Set for warrior is very good. Nice speed, hp bonus, and high-damage sword, piercing on top of that. The hp of the full set is equal to a deca. You trade 10 def for atk and spd bonuses.


The star system is largely meaningless and currently just indicates a measure of time, not skill.

(I have a writeup for a system to expand stars, but this is just the opinion thread, not a proposal thread)


considering i am a white star i wholeheartedly agree with you


What did you just say about my hard-earned leechstar


I still want white star


yes thats what we need. realm of the happy god. /s


He drinks orange juice and has outdated teen humor. Also dad jokes.


I did not care fo- uh

I mean, I miss the old cumbersome Avatar where you had to drag blobs and coordinate.

It was very fun for me, though unfortunately made less people want to kill it.


I must plug my own post :pensive:


I just want my forums yellow star back to look cool on forums.