Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Yes, a pet nerf would hit the playerbase much, much harder than fixing cheats and exploits.


I doubt it. More than 50% of the playerbase hacks you take that away they’ll all quit. Alot of ppl dont rlly like pets anyways so a nerf wouldnt hit as hard


Dex Ring is the best for Archer/Huntress instead of HP rings.


That seems like an exaggeration. I’d say about 1/4 people in the game hack, honestly. And it’s not like they would quit, a lot of hacked clients are free from what I’ve seen in the shady corners of the internet. Plus, if they hacked in a game, that means they like it, right? Maybe like 1/5 of the hackers would quit, but the rest would stay. So it’s not exactly a huge loss. They’re shitty people anyways.


Definitely more than a 1/4 hack. I’d maybe go down to 1/3 hack but I think it’s a majority for sure. The whole point of hacking is bc they hate permadeath and wanna keep their shit. Remove that and they’ll find a different game. And the only reason they like the game is bc theres hacks for it


If they are so cowardly with permadeath, then they shouldn’t even play this game. It’s really conflicted to see “want to keep all of my goodies yet being immortal” without using the legit way.


I’m not sure they care what ppl say ab it as long as they are enjoying the game their way


Pretty sure everyone reading can tell you cheat lol.


Still, unfair advantage. We have players who plays legitimately and lost their characters. Meanwhile we have cheaters, who haven’t lost a character after several months of playing with it (from autonexus to OP debuff-immunity).

They called this “cheating” fair? I don’t care if majorities of the players are cheaters, Deca have to go beyond-the-extreme level to handle this nonsense or everyone will start cheating and destroys the game balance.

Evidence? Have you even saw him autonexused? Have immunity to debuffs? Or even have OP invulnerability hacks that you can sit on Killer Bee Nest or Ava unscathed?


People throw around these huge numbers all the time, but I really can’t imagine it is that high. What makes you think it is anywhere even close to 25%, let alone a minority?

And even if it is, I would hope that most of them would return and give the vanilla game a try if hacking became impossible. And if they don’t? That is still a positive move for the game.

If what they dislike about the game is permadeath, they are not the kind of person that would enjoy the game anyway, and there are plenty of alternative MMOs that would probably be more fun for them. For me, permadeath is the only reason I have continued to play and enjoy this game for so many years. It gives a sense of gravity and intensity you can’t get in any other way, and when you do die with that amazing character, your feel it!

Just a few months ago I died with an Ogmur I have had for 6 years! 6 YEARS! To say that I was emotional is an understatement! It felt like a part of my in-game identity had changed in some way. I don’t regret it for an instant. I learned from my mistake, and it won’t happen again. I bet if some hacker was in the same situation and survived for whatever reason, they would feel nothing. Why would you? Nothing has changed. Just another boring day playing with your immortal top-tier character. What is the point?

Also, from Deca’s perspective, even if some of the playerbase that hacks ends up leaving, I doubt those are the people that really put money into the game. What incentive would you have to do so? No need for a good pet because you don’t die. No need for vault chests because you can just throw away anything that is even slightly outclassed by something you already have.

I just can’t imagine the mindset of someone who does hack, honestly. I can’t wrap my head around it.

EDIT: and if you are right and the majority actually does hack, then I suppose this is my proper contribution to the unpopular opinion thread.


Good riddance, then.


I actually agree with this.

This is why Toastrz is wrong about the combat changes. People don’t want to die. And if they say they do, they’ll start to change their tune when they find themselves grinding 80% of the time for fun gameplay 20% of the time.

Continuing to push dumb changes like the combat system will cause people to find another game. I stopped spending and I’m perfectly fine with leaving the game after the combat changes.

O3 hasn’t encouraged me to play the game at all. It’s discouraged me.


Question, why do you keep shitting on toastrz specifically as if the entire Deca team somehow isn’t at all responsible for wanting to implement combat changes? It’s starting to get really annoying and devalues your points in my eyes.

You yourself cannot speak for the majority, as you have already seen several times that many people here like the permadeath aspect. I personally hate it but you’re using false assumptions about every one which isn’t a good way to convince everyone that the combat changes will be bad.

Removing permadeath will please some people in the short term, but currently rotmg really doesn’t have that much content to it. I know this is something Deca is working on but right now it is how it is. Without a way to keep the challenge going most players will get the magical 8/8s and items they always wanted and then quit cause there’s nothing to do. Therefore, surprise surprise, hackers will often quit due to boredom.

The dumb combat changes will do nothing but make you dodge slightly more if you’re already playing the game normally
Like, what exactly do you think will change? Player health will be effectively reduced and enemy health will be literally reduced. The only result is that pets create less of a gap between the players who play without a health and mana dispenser with hundreds of dollars stuffed down their throats and those that do. Their insane regeneration will still be there, just less often.

O3 didn’t do shit to bring me back either. It’s just another “do this hoping for the item you want but die anyway” dungeon.


Kiddforce has retreated from the public eye and silex has left the game. Toastrz is the one I clearly know who is in favor of this. I’m guessing that the others agree but I only have concrete proof that he wants them.

I don’t consider the testers or the ugc to be deca employees and like I have said before they truly do seem to go along with everything the developers plan.

If this were true they would not have nerfed the pet food in the game.

If they truly showed steps to reduce the time and effort needed to get a 100/100 divine and put players on a level playing field pet I could see the reasoning behind their changes to nerf pets.

In fact if there really was a significant change that cut down on the effort needed to make a max pet I might even be in favor of the changes. This would involve having real pet food actually drop from dungeons.

As it stands they want to have their cake and eat it too. They’ve been actively trying to make it harder to level up pets without spending while simultaneously planning to nerf them. This is just evil.

So they don’t want to place people on equal footing with pets.

I still predict everyone will be upset. I’m already seeing people saying the proposed changes aren’t enough. You’ll never appease those people and trying to appease them is a waste of time.

Honestly I don’t think much will change overall specifically with how the game is played. Which is why it’s a huge waste of time and effort.

As we saw with O3 this is and will continue to be a failed design.

There are so many people trying to do O3 because of the runes and limited dungeon access (and large groups of players result in “bad” enemy hp scaling). As long as supply and demand factor into dungeons they will fill.


just want to point out that since the daily calender, free to play players have been attaining good pet food for free. I would argue that pet food is now much easier to get. (It doesn’t drop from dungeons though, but it still has a lot of quality food)


I’ll agree with you on most points except a few.

  • hackers can still die, autonexus isn’t completely infallible, because hackers are almost near immortal, dying only hits harder
  • There aren’t many, if any bullet hell pew pew MMOs. RotMG is pretty unique.
  • Hackers do still need good pets, mheal for one. And while autonexus is nowhere near as bad as dying, you still need to dodge, and have a good pet to complete the dungeon and get loot.
  • Hackers are less averse to buying dupes from RWTers and so don’t drop as much money, I’ll give you that, but I personally think the fact that they’re secure in not dying is a pretty big motivator to buy things.
  • (disclaimer: not defending hackers just envisioning possible reasons, again, hacking ain’t good for any reason) Some turn to hacking because they don’t play enough to facilitate constant rebuilding due to a lack of skill, some hack because they care too much about a character to see it die, some hack because they want to practise things to become more skilled, some just hack because it’s fun for them.


wow look it’s a cheater defending cheating, what a surprise, never seen that one


Yes I cheated a few days, was exposed, then stopped, who doesn’t know that? I didn’t defend cheating either.


If anything, the fact that he used to cheat makes his post more credible.


Did y’all forget about power pizza dropping in the treasure rooms in the toxic sewers? And don’t even dare to tell me you don’t like to clear sewers: you want pet food, well get your hands dirty.