Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Tbh, I’ve never understood the whole thing against cheating. I’ve always enjoyed playing the game as is, but if people want to hack, it’s up to them. Someone having an ‘unfair advantage’ ultimately doesn’t really affect my gameplay (with the possible exception of receiving dupes while trading ig). I agree with DECA banning hackers, and players reporting it (because the ToS is being broken), but am not sure why so many people are sensitive about the topic.


Oh yeah another opinion (probably not as unpopular as the one above)

  • Knight is the best class


Skill matters


Also there should be more gods in the godlands, realm farming after a really long time gets boring, and you can only do LH so many times before getting burned out, not to mention it’s hard to get into O3 runs because runes have a drop rate worthy of an event white.


all the recent reworks are worse, ie. old lod, ceme, shaitan, and o2 were better


lod was impossible for melees to complete, and dps walls/random confettis (looking at you feargus), the current lod is fun and goes well with the game.

cem is now better and faster, and items are re designed

o2 was literally a knight wall, you just have to stun and it’s just a brainless fight


the old ones were steamrolled, yeah, but at least people were doing them

i’m lucky to see anyone even entering the new lod, ceme anymore, and the whole idea behind basic game design is to have it sticky for newbs (have them stick around)

if you’ve seen new content being tested before its official release, they’re always centered around a certain skill level, that is, when the tester seems content with what they’re testing (usually veterans of the game, right?), it’ll be released


how about this:

both the originals and the reworks of lod, cem and o2 are bad


void is just like a midgame dungeon but with lots of damage on shots


Hive is very difficult for low level players - 5 to 10 - the Bees actualy do a lot of damage, can easily make a crowd and have a chance to become stronger when killed (Turn in a raged bee that inflicts bleeding).

Overall is very unbalanced to the likes of Spider Den/Forbidden Jungle.


assassin is op


Not really unpopular I’d think, but since the final Crystal Worm Father alone is difficult compared to other realm events, the Fungal event should only spawn two waves of mushrooms rather than so many. Once with only small mushrooms, another with the Commander/minion units. It’s kind of a drag.


I agree that there should be fewer waves, but I tend to disagree about the father being a challenging event on its own. At least for solo play I think I would rate the father toward the bottom of the difficulty tiers, just more challenging than Pentaract and maybe LotLL. In a group the father gets steamrolled by perma-stun, so I am curious to hear why you rate it as a difficult event!


I’d say Sphinx is a lot easier than even LotLL and Worm Father, at least from a soloing perspective. Though yeah, Pentaract is by far easiest, I took one down with a 0/8 assassin, (poison helps a ton too, though)




It’s just my luck that I invariably end up being one of the four people unwillingly clearing the event without any knights or mystics. I also have a mortal fear of a mushroom spawning beneath me. Hate that; those spots should be marked red or something. Also, the Worm Father and the Rock Dragon are the only events where I see people consistently die, whereas on other events people usually just Nexus (I guess). That has also shaped my opinion.


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Pixie is for people that can’t aim.


Lod is one of the most fun dungeons in the game, and has a claim at being the best dungeon in the game, on the other hand the rock dragon is horrible and can ruin the lod experience.


From a player who has played on-and-off since 2012:

  • DECA has identified a significant portion of the satisfaction realm gives to players is the ability to flex rare items, and so they have heavily monetised on this phenomena. Think skins and reskins and reskins of reskins.

  • The game has outgrown its initial concept by a large portion – think of the useless T1 - T10 equipment that was intended to be standard progression since inception. The number of swapouts one sometimes carry in proportion to your standard inventory space.

  • As a result of the above, end-game content proves tricky to add without risk wrecking existing content, so they expand horizontally by adding variety rather than power. The alien gear is one of the many experiments to see how far they can push the system.

  • So the game is becoming a collect-it-all (again, think skins, event-only reskins, pet skins), this is one of their strategies to profit (especially) from big spenders for whom the game’s representing a part of who they are.

  • Shatters is a good dungeon in terms of loot, but is extremely poor in terms of design taste. Unfortunately not many players these days care about things like that – as long as the white bag is awesome… right? Do you think it sounds pretentious? But that’s what makes a game good – the little details that deliver an experience. The environment, decor and its atmosphere makes absolutely no sense. The road to the 3rd boss looks like an amateur’s doodle on the minimap. Then again, it’s Kabam. They thought of the quick cash-grab trainwreck that is called functional pets.

  • Much of the work DECA is trying to do these days still revolves around undoing the catastrophic damage that was called pets. There’s no easy way to fix pet balance without alienating over half the player base who’s spend hundreds if not thousands.

  • Exaltation and whatever the other thing is called is just one of DECA’s bold attempts to extend the game’s longevity because (and I suspect) at some point during the implementation of O3 (or as far back as designing lost halls) they know they’re hitting a ceiling with balance and progressive content. You can’t profit off skins forever without losing endgame player interest. Say all your negatives about it, but it’s not going to stop them from rolling it out in one way or another. People don’t like change, but the game will become stagnant it stays the same forever.

  • Yes, we all want hackers banned. Any virtuous company would do it for the name of… justice? Morals? No. This is business, and the standard metric is revenue and profit. KABAM let the hacking phenomena grow, DECA just inherited the mess. Sometimes the timing is everything. Miss it and you can only mend so much. Unless you’re willing to say goodbye to over half of your annual profits. No one wants to be there.

  • (Mainly speaking from experiences in 2017 - 2018 era) The player base is becoming increasingly spoiled with events and free nexus dungeons. Who needs to go into the realm anyway, the gameplay feels like an artificial delay to keep you from getting too much loot. Something sounds amiss here.

  • (2017 oryxmas event) DECA made the Ice Tomb white drop rate high in the first couple hours (1/20 or 1/30), then silently nerfed the hell out of them without telling anyone (1/100?) until the community noticed, pointed it out, and forced them to admit it. I believe to this day they did it to see how far they can go with making profit, and it’s not 100% a “mistake” as they had officially claimed. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe if they are truly upfront about it, they’d have announced the mistake and correction to the community as they changed it, without being all secretive about it until the community exploded. I would not be surprised if they still employ the same strategy during events, but just toning down how much they nerf the drop rates by to keep people hooked on buying keys.

  • The game has next to no co-operative element despite being an MMO. There are hardly any dungeons that require true co-operation. Either you can solo them, or you need a raid discord of 30+ players. You could argue that’s co-op, but would you rather be force muted in a crowd of strangers spouting stupid memes or hacking your way through a dungeon with some guildies? Unfortunately you won’t have much chance to get good loot with the latter.