Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


The new PT changes is extremely good for the game, but should not be released after Deca fixed hacking.


Chest events and just events in general are good. It gives players like me who don’t play that much a chance to get white bags and sts that we wouldn’t normally get.


I Prefer rotmg when it was pure vanilla, not infested with events after events…


Sorcerer, the most wis hungry class should have 75 or even 80 wisdom and not 60.


This thread should be renamed the “popular opinion that sounds slightly unpopular, as well as random stream of thought observations” thread.


I’ll hit you with a real unpopular one: Tenne sucks.


Agreed. Finally, someone who is using their brain!


2 people immediately agree with you lol.
But yeah, there are so many armors I would use over tenne, including just normal tiered armor.
Sure it’s a lot of dps, but not worth the substantial loss in defense


I suppose I have a mentality that most people wouldn’t agree with.

I have little care
for most gear that I wear.


Tome of purification changes are actually alright


I play priest to help the group and have fun not be a solo class.
: P


The HP ring obsession is so disgusting to the extreme.


I can’t wait until vit and def are actually widely useful again.


Vit was considered as “obsolete” stat to max for long time. And Defence ring was considered as inferior to HP by many. You will rarely see players using UBDef as Primary defensive ring.

Yes, IC/OoC will rejuvenate Vit but I would like to see rainbow tiered rings getting buffed to 10:1 ratio to make UBDex, Wis, Vit viable again.


Rock Dragon is a unique, well-designed fight (well, except for the bats, they can go die in a hole), and although ray isn’t the best, it’s still not bad


As in, UBDex gives 60 dex?? That would be insane. They could stand to be slightly buffed, but you don’t have to go so extreme as to make a T1 equivalent to a current T6.


I think if bats were removed, I would actually run rock dragons again.


That is not what he meant, 10:1 to health rings, with health as the 10, not tier. I personally feel as though rainbow should buffed AND health and mp be nerfed so that the stat gains are closer to

Rainbow: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Health and Mana: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120


No no no, you misunderstood what I meant. What I meant is this:

Let me forewarn something, nerfing HP ring alone will cause massive backlash and anger a lot of players who spent bunch of Life pots to buy them.

Call me a hypocrite but the only time I would slap a Deca/UBHP is on a max-HP build for a Knight.


UBdex and atk are some of the highest dps rings in the game, hp ring help the player survive a lot more than most and that’s why they are more popular. Most ut rings are based around ubhp hp and deca. You have to decide if the hp loss is worth the new stats/procs. Vit, wis and def rings will be more useful with the pet nerf/in combat. UB spd is a nice swap out for event farming.