Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Yeah, now that you mention it I really want to see a decoy-savage pet in action. Could be really potent!


Decoy savage electric new meta x)


Yeah, the problem is that in order to use savage to actually do something other than point out enemies, you have to give up either heal or mheal to get electric or decoy, and the former two abilities are just too good in virtually all situations. I do think it would be pretty cool as a backup pet, though (not universally useful, but applicable for some scenarios).


Yes, which is why savage+electric is possible.

Yeah! I’ve actually been trying to get a decoy+savage combo for awhile now but couldnt find one. Dont really care about the third ability, but mheal would be good.

Indeed, the fact that you have to give up something you know is powerful, for something you arent sure if its useful is the reason why no one tries. As for me, I will happily give up an ability which makes my pet only a passive helper, for an ability which makes my pet an active helper.


Janus Is super fun and skipping Janus is Just sad


Cland grinding is Fun


RWT/Duping/Server issues are a far bigger problem than hackers, even though hackers are still a major problem.

RWT and Duping go hand in hand. They destroy the value of items, and it is because of them that every single new item added to the game is soulbound. For some reason Deca has taken no action against RWT sites, whether through legal threats against them or just setting up a program to mass ban mule accounts. An automated mass banning of mules every day would go far beyond anything deca has done up to this point against them. Kabam did this before their UT weekends, so I don’t see why deca wouldn’t be able to.

Duping is also an issue that can be mitigated in a number of ways, but most likely never completely solved. Unique item IDs could be a nice fix, but I dont think it will be added to the game, at least not for a long time. If it was added, we would never see our old items unsb, unless deca took the radical step of just saying fuck it and giving all items in the game, new or old the unique item IDs, combining that will a mass ban of all mule accounts, and tracking trades to help figure out RWT transactions and ban those involved. However, I don’t think deca will do this. Frankly, its way too much work.

Server issues are another major issue in RotMG that I haven’t seen properly addressed by any of the developers I’ve been around and involved in the community for, which is Kabam from the beginning and Deca. When I first started playing RotMG in 2012, I don’t recall any drastic lag that hindered the game’s experience. As time has gone on though, it has fluctuated from being unbearable (especially during events) to extremely annoying. I don’t understand how I am supposed to play a permadeath hardcore bullet hell game when the entire Marble Colossus fight I am experiencing microrubberbanding for 1-2 seconds every 5 seconds, causing the shots to go from dodgeable waves to a complete clusterfuck where I am forced to eat 3-4 100 damage shots, instantly dropping my HP down to half and giving me a variety of status effects, all because the servers are shit and cannot handle it. And it isn’t my internet, I get 400 down 100 upload, 10ms ping on speedtest. Unless, of course, the recommended requirements to play a pixel game is 1 gig download and upload speed… All this does is cause me to avoid endgame dungeons unless its like 4 am and not many other people are playing the game, because I don’t want to lose my characters I have spent months and years farming gear for to die because the servers shit the bed. I already had multiple close calls during the shatters event, rubberbanding for 20 seconds right before the Forgotten King fight only to load back in to 100 purple balls covering my screen and his flame tentacles rapidly approaching me, forcing me to nexus and waste the 15 minutes I just spent getting to that fight in the first place.


Yo just wanted to say I just recently started playing this too and it’s so good.

Highly recommended for others who play realm, just adjust the hot keys and use keyboard and mouse (unless you are a gamepad user I guess, but I found it 10x harder with gamepad). It took me about 3 or 4 deaths to really even get how to properly dodge/shoot/rush and whatnot, but anyhow, it’s dope for sure…


To be completely fair, all MMORPGs tend to lag when a lot of players are near each other. A good example is WoW.

If a single player moves, that information needs to reach all the others. Imagine this but with everyone moving at the same time. This is what caused the infamous ice tomb massacre glitch to happen and kill like 100 people at once. I read a very good Q&A (on Quora I think, but I’m not sure) about exactly this some time ago, but I couldn’t find it again with a quick google search.

Something close but not very related that bothers me, is that RotMG has an extreme amount of loading screens which not only happen way too often, but are very slow. They seem to take random different amounts of time for no reason; either long or too long, or you don’t load at all. Like a loading roulette.


It becomes more and more apparent that realm sorely lacks the fundamentals of a proper bullet hell: tight movement and tighter hitboxes. Meanwhile, it has been trying harder and harder to emulate those bullet hell games. I don’t think realm has the foundation to be one (and works alright as the ‘pseudo’ bullet hell game it has tried being), and will just get more spastic and awkwardly difficult the harder it keeps trying to be one without even meeting the basic requirements.


I’ve thought that alot, it’s like trying emulate the 1 pixel gaps without the 1 pixel hitbox, which simply doesn’t work. A lot of the early/mid game doesn’t look like a traditional bullet hell in the slightest and is honestly just fine.

Certain ones like nest and cult are still easily dodgeable and feel like a pseudo bullet hell, but most the endgame just feels like a relentless spray of bullets where my only option is to have a full hitbox and run around at max speed constantly

An idea I’ve had for a while is a button on the keyboard that is available to every character that when held in, applies the slow status effect for 15/mp a sec, as if your character is taking time and effort to really focus


You are being “that guy” again btw.




In world of warcraft if you die you get sent back to a respawn point, have a healer/support class revive you, or you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can get back into the fight (I know that WoW isn’t permadeath, but I have not played it to understand the specifics of how you get revived). That makes it less of an issue if you die from server lag in that game.
In realm, you die and you don’t get revived, you don’t go back to a respawn point, you don’t wait until you can get back on that character. You die and you lose all of your progress, which can take months or years to build up. I have items on characters that I spent years farming to get them, because the drop rates in this game are so fucking abysmal. If the servers shit the bed and I die I will most likely never get them back.

The permadeath mechanic of realm is precisely why it is unacceptable for there to be this much lag in the game.


I agree lol

Another issue is that you can’t even play on your nearest server most of the time because you need to join [random very far away server] that the Raid Leader told you to in order to grind together efficiently.


DPS builds are overrated


At the cost of survival of course.


Fr bc most of the time you get sb anyway. I just use them mainly for flex and sometime in like a snake pit


I agree completely with your examples: Cult and Nest indeed balance that line between being bullet hell and ‘realm’-y. There are fairly strong patterns and methods to the madness. On the other hand, the fights with chaotic spamtastic bullet sprays just feel so awkward and unsustainable for a game where movement is like that of an amateur RPG maker game. The more awkward part is that this kind of tryhard chaos exists mostly in the endgame (although exceptions like the Appetizer exist), which makes it difficult to critique without being shut off with a, ‘it’s supposed to be difficult!’.

Really feels like those assignments a bad teacher gives without having taught (or being able to judge) any relevant material and then telling you that school is supposed to be difficult.


MBC is super super easy and boring now (generally).