Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Oh, you are an exterminator too?
Btw did you know that wrecking early-game content with endgame equipment is a flex that is applied on the monsters you overkill?


Necronomicon > Tome of Pain (until I test how good it is on prod)


Veteran/longtime players often confuse ‘can be dealt with’ with ‘is well-designed’.


I’ve not used the Tome of Pain since its rework, let alone on prod - heck, most I’ve used it was messing around with the Scholar’s Seal bug - but I can pretty safely say that in terms of ability damage, I’d much rather pick Pain over Necronomicon. Cursing yourself just isn’t worth the risk.

Statwise, I’d also say Pain takes the cake - 4 att, 4 spd (wat), 2 def is better than Necro’s 5 wis.
That said, that -5 vit on both really stings…

Then again, it’s the unpopular opinion thread, so I oughtn’t meddle so much =w="
How many people even have opinions on both of these tomes?

WORD. I don’t have much else to say that goes too deeply into this topic, but hot dang can I not help agreeing with you!


I have both in my vault and haven’t been able to use them yet… :droplet:
Both seem fun in their own right, but I’m a very bad person to acquire opinions from on gear.


Honestly they just either take off the -5 vit, just the final nail in the coffin for an already underused item OR take off curse self and give -10 vit.


Consumables are highly underrated.


Why do you think so? Just curious. My personal opinion is that they are overrated, because most of them take away thirsty, and the boosts are temporary. I would honestly prefer a +5 stat boost permanently over a +15 boost that I only have temporarily.


The boosts are temporary, yes. And some take away thirsty.

But when a single consumable can save the life of my character, extending his lifetime, or allow a different playstyle, its a sacrifice I’m more than willing to take.

Let me make up some examples:

You are a sorcerer using the powerful scepter of devastation (or if you’re me you’re actually using the grotesque scepter), and you got yourself stuck in a situation where if you don’t nexus, you’ll die of a crowd of enemies kicking your a in a corner. Now beforehand, you stocked up on fairy dust at your local Mwoods dugstore™. So instead of nexusing and missing the loot you came for, you sniff the good schtuff off of 2-3 bottles and make your scepter go :zap: ZAPP :zap: a few times. Congratulations :tada:! You live to die another day.

This time you are a paladin. You want to quickly land a decent amount of damage, with the help of your seal, at a Skull shrine. Problem is, your speed doesn’t allow hit-n-run tactics and even with your hp buff, you can’t tank that much without a literal crowd of players. So you pop in your mouth a speed sprout, apply the seal’s holy effect onto you and run in and out to touch the bastard within the next 5 seconds of buff. Didn’t miss too much shots? Great, here’s a vit pot, better luck next time!

am i being too narcissistic here?



+25% fame and nexusing a couple niche cases more often > the luxury of using consumables care free.

It’s a matter of opinion tbh.


that’s quite interesting, i wonder if there’s a thread for that


xd i wonder


doesn’t use thirsty though


I miss ammys


I don’t really like using consumables, not only because of the -25% fame, but because it takes up an inventory spot. The spot that holds my speed sprout could be holding a white that I get from a dungeon, or a life pot from a tomb. If I do have to nexus because I don’t have the consumable, then I get to vault the white or pot, keeping it safer. If I kept the consumable instead, then I wouldn’t have that pot or UT.


keyper is waaaayyyyyy too easy now.

Previous difficulty was good, but the fight was obnoxious. Now he is basically just another event god that gets immediately steamrolled


then if you ever need that spot just drink it?
Seems like an overly simple problem to solve


true lol im dumb


Well, I was using Flash. Today on Exalt I beat Cellar. So that shows you the improvement.


UBDef is better on Warrior, Samurai and Paladin than UBHP/Deca.