Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


But it is fun, and although it’s not a main staff it is very useable.


Take it back :sob: BMJ skin is want


Don’t you mean image and image ?


alr, blue%20bee and red%20bee are the soldier bees you have to clear in the nest. if you damage them to a certain point, they rage and are hella aggro, especially the blue one. red one in rage phase just circles you and likes to hang against walls (also, he doesnt do confuse shots during rage phase). blue literally does instant transmission on yo ass every 3 seconds with no warning, you just have to get a feel for it i guess.


Ah, I thought with “buff” you meant the mechanic how the final Beehemoth grows larger with different attack patterns, instead of the Soldier Bees’ rage.
And yeah, it’s very feel-dependent - especially since the Blue one uses Buzz (I think), meaning it doesn’t charge to your latest position, no no! It charges towards, and then past your position - meaning if you walk backwards, you’ll end up getting sat on for way longer.

I’d personally like it if it used Ram instead - a behavior that has the parameter for “acceleration”, kinda like what the Crystallized Charger does.


ok i’m so glad that i’m not the only one. I honestly thought I was tripping or had some really bad lag whenever they charge me, but I always felt like they knew exactly where i was going to be (i always backed up whenever I saw them coming towards me). 9/10 times, i would panic and nexus because they hurt and shoot those armor piercing nova shots like 5 times in one seconds. but yes! that makes sense, they charge forward and then past (glad to see it was an intended game mechanic lmao). anyways, thanks for the heads up! i’ll keep in mind to go towards them instead of walking away whilst them charging.

(and i agree; i’d prefer if they had that behavior as well, with the Crystallized Charger >:))


tome of the mushroom tribes is just like hilariously stronger than every other tome in the game


Post your unpopular opinions about realm here




Considering they nerfed like every tome into the ground, mushroom tome is objectively the best one now


Armored nerf is a good update and it diversifies ring choices.

Teleporting is not rewarding because all it takes less than 5 seconds to reach to somewhere. Like what?

Soloing Lost Halls (yes I did attempt solo raid LH but no success so far) is easier than soloing Shatters.

IC/OoC is overpowered when playing petless.

HP ring is good only when raiding endgame dungeons.

UBDef is good on every classes except Knight (however, fully Exalted 8/8 melees won’t need UBDef anymore).

Max MP build Samurai is OP.

Old Tops are the best because they are slighty worser than WC tops but have huge price difference.

Current Jugg is better than old counterpart.

UBVit, UBWis and UBDef are valuable when playing petless.

IC/OoC increases our survivability because it encourages less reckless gameplay. Increases cautious gameplay as well.

Vital Combat rejuvenated the need of Vitality and Wisdom.


Isn’t the reward for teleporting not having to take a whole minute to walk over there, not doing anything the whole way there?


Yeah it takes wayyy longer then 5 sec, think he meant minutes xd


Pretty sure this is just a fact. Soloing the bridge guardian is kinda of insane tbh, and king is no joke either. There isn’t anything like that in LH.

I think this is honestly an unpopular opinion, but I think I might agree with you! You can now perma-armor and perma-berserk, which is kind of crazy (even with the armored nerf).


Let me rephrase that: Teleporting makes the game too easy.


Walking up until glands isn’t hard, so it doesn’t make it any easier, it makes it more efficient


If you teleport to an anchor while rushing then maybe, but you teleport to an event/glands then you’re cutting the easy part (walking to the gland) and get more of the harder part (actually fighting things)

You’re not making the game easier, you just throw out the boring part


Honestly, @PRCSakura, I can’t speak for everyone else, but although I have wandered the roads of Realms for cheesing the explorer bonuses in the past, I personally don’t have the time irl to walk everywhere without tping. That would be most of what I do in a play session! I’d get very little done playing like that. ):

I’m not sure it’s realistic for all of us to avoid teleporting.


I meant to say teleporting takes less than 5 seconds.

But walking to GLands takes 1-3 minutes.


Unpopular opinion:vital combat changed very little
and DPS makes the game a joke