Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Well, some of us tried to tell people that seemed to be the case (some of us more so than others), but it took releasing it to prove its effects on the gameplay. Oh well! :no_mouth:


Well, vital combat has made large group dungeons much less viable. Pub halls is probably a major example of where having large groups has reduced the quality of runs. In small private/guild/discord runs, everything gets steamrolled because of the adaptive hp scaling.


I feel that that’s a plus, personally. Even if players will stubbornly continue to try to rush through everything, it dissuades them from doing so just a little bit more.

There will always be Discord runs, though. I do realize that this means requirements are probably becoming more strict across the board, separating the average players from the strong ones, which I’m mixed about. It’s useful to learn from those experienced on the one hand, but on the other, grinding in Discord runs can be both monotonous and run the pleasure of running a dungeon with the max efficiency.


Beginner dungeons are still enjoyable even as a veteran player.


I’ve done over 1000 sprite worlds and I still enjoy it, but I’ve done it so many times that I’ll only go in it for ppes or just because, never to farm


All UB rings should be treated equal.


The Void Entity should be referred to as ‘it’, not ‘he’. Tsk tsk Esben, no wonder people underestimate how much you know.


UBHP/Deca are only for flexing instead of actual use.


Not intending to act odious, but I feel that you’ve hashed the UB rings plenty lately. May we find a different topic to ensue?


I’m sorry but I’m confused.

@PRCSakura I’ll try to find you in game instead of discussing it here. I don’t want anyone else lashing out. -Book


Yeah cus 180 hp totally isn’t usable, I mean, what’s almost 200 hp gonna do? Save your life or smth? Nah, that’s crazy talk.
I realize this is unpopular opinions, but seriously how is a ubhp flex


I believe that him saying

is intended to be a flex


Can we just leave the comment about UB rings as an unpopular opinion and not have this argument again? I know that people are spirited about this, and I’d rather avoid more hard feelings.




alright im gonna say it. getting hook from ddocks isnt the worst possible thing.


It’s a decent set, would like more pieces


Samurai is better pot-farmer than other melees.


You have shared an opinion on this thread that I can most definitely agree with.
The piercing and slightly longer range help so much better for gods, the heavy armor and 30 def give him an edge over ninja on surviving, and wakis basically SHRED the early game, especially with good mp heal.


I wish reconstruction never happened and all the old dungeons stayed the same ):

  • Bulwark is a great wand.
  • Ray katana is good and balanced.
  • Plague is the best poison.
  • Dragon Tamer warrior is the best ST set in the game.
  • New Shaitan is harder than MBC.
  • Void Blade is the best and coolest UT in the game.
  • Shatters is the worst dungeon in the game.

That’s all I could think of right now.