Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Me: Spam that space bar!!!


And unfortunately, also the cause of potentially breaking dungeons >:3
A little story: while designing the Ivory Wyvern fight, Kidd put in some sort of failsafe if a statue is disabled too quickly - for instance, through an admin item - causing them to re-activate.

However, with the right gear and well timed setup, it’s possible to just outright kill a statue using the Void Blade. I really hope that gets fixed.
But you heard it here first: Ninja is stronger than admin items :^3


That’s interesting, though sounds quite risky too, since the statues shoot a nasty shotgun.
Does it just kill the statue over and over before it gets to even shoot?

I remember when void blade came out, I used to be that guy who instakilled ceme bosses with it : D
Now I am itching to take one into O3, though I fret just dying with it instantly before getting to try it out there.


Yeah, I want one so bad to screw around with but I’ve never gotten one :slightly_frowning_face:


define “best”


I’ve had that blade 3 times (2 from my 8 Trooms!), and it was one of my favorite experiences with an individual tool in the game. I pulled so much trash with it XD


I’d disagree tbh. Warrior has speedy, berserk, and damaging meaning you can get to things faster and shred them faster



Actually second, in my honest opinion, but lets agree nonetheless. Oh but it is the coolest.


Yes but it an event white and atm it’s at dblades level, a ok swap out in some places but it isn’t event white levels of good. They should give a new item rays stats when the buff it.


Marks are stupid.

Make daily, weekly, monthly(?) quests where you have to get a certain amount of completions of a dungeon to get the reward. (monthly might be too much, I dunno)


Amen brother, bulwark is so underrated.
To be fair, it can be a bit bothersome to use at times, having to swap it in and out, but it’s extra damage and aoe (and fun pattern) make up for it.
You’d think people would take bulwark more seriously in this “dps” meta.

Dblade is only bad because pixie exists, otherwise it fills the niche of very close range sword perfectly.
(Dblade even beating it out in high def, I believe).

Ray fill’s it’s role of very long range katana perfectly, it is situationally good like most event whites.
Ogmur/Pogmur, Oreo, (vile trap?) are not main items and are situationally very useful.
If I’d had to pick one event white to buff, I’d be vile trap, though I may be a bit biased, even though I’ve got two of them, haven’t even bothered in trying it out.

Best being subjective of course, these are opinions after all.
But Dragon Tamer set is the one I had the most fun playing with out of the sets I’ve owned (which is most).
It has very satisfying big numbers, range, pierce and a fun ability that differentiates it from just playing normal warrior.

ST sets as a concept imo should be a set that specializes in something and can be used as is in most situations, what’s the point of a set if you can’t be using it as a set?
Dragon tamer is right on the edge of this, if you need speedy, just pop a tiered helm on and then equip the full set again, this should work even better now with helm cooldown removed.
Lack of speedy was not a huge issue for the set and was a quick fix when needed.

My most hated set is the Magmatic mystic, a polar opposite, while on paper quite similar to the dragon tamer (ability shoots fireballs too). It’s staff let’s it down big time, it’s wonky shot patter and very low range for a staff made it feel really bad to play, having to switch staff and orb often when you needed to stasis/buff or be at long range. (the staff doesn’t even pierce!)


dblade actually beats pixie after 4 def iirc, it’s just people can’t aim and prefer the sword with more of a safety net


Yeah, sometimes its just so hard to lay shots in the right area. Like there are those places where its so obvious you ask yourself why no other priests/sorcerers are using it, and then there are places where you look like an insane noob that tries to hit a mob at melee range with a 9-tile ranged wand (when in fact everyone has allied projectile off and you actually are trying your hardest to lay those bombs).

Well, its all a game of scale really: what weighs more than the other?

Is it the insane dmg they could potentially get, or the tiresome shot pattern its packaged with?
In my opinion, the shot pattern is just an additionnal challenge to overcome for me to get the delicious 800s increments of dmg.

It even got a dmg buff dude like wth? It climbed the ranks from ‘‘viable’’ to ‘‘powerful’’, or outright ‘‘OP’’ if you’ve mastered its pattern (i wish ill be able to shoot bulwark straightly someday).

I prefer the term ‘‘different option’’ thank you. Don’t get me started on which is better, I had to erase a whole block of text because it was kinda redundant.
twitchty said it in just one sentence so yeah


The “no recording no refund” aspect to support is terrible.

I was reporting a bug that caused me to lose the hermit wizard skin i looted, but because I dont take screen shots of my loot or record, im basically fucked
(for the curious, I got it on the first herm after the vault update, so when i went to my vault I instinctively shift+clicked it, not knowing i was standing on the nexus portal at the same time, so i nexused and the skin was gone but not unlocked)


I know this Unpopular Opinions thread, but how would you do it, then? If you were an admin, would you let most people who verbally claimed to have lost items unfairly have them without any further substantial evidence?


Its not that, but I feel like if they can keep track of all of the deaths, and even realmeye can gather all this info on players, then if someone gives enough specific evidence then they should be able to find out

also, I had several character witnesses who asked to see the skin when it dropped, but that still wasn’t enough (although I can see how this one wouldn’t be enough, but it was worth a shot)


Realmeye isn’t officially condoned or proctored by DECA, though. It’s a fan made bot that runs diagnostics on everyone.


Doesn’t it like check for things visible through the client that aren’t shown to you? Idk how it works but you’d think DECA could easily keep records if they wanted to


Deca is worse than Kabam, or at least as bad


The only way for the loot system to actually make any sense is for UTs to be tradeable. They’ve attempted to mitigate it with Tinkerer quests etc… But it’s quite obvious that the loot system shouldn’t be based around RNG if you can’t trade any of the loot.