Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


The new oryx’s castle actually sucks, it doesn’t really look that good and it is WAY WAY TOO HARD


I don’t even think that’s unpopular


With how many opinions on this thread are more commonly shared by the masses, I might just have to make a “(Semi-)Popular Opinions Thread” or something. :no_mouth:


Maybe, yesterday when I tried it it was a pain, I couldn’t even complete o2 when usually he’s the definition of a breeze


The addition of anti-Cube fame bonuses is absolutely unacceptable. I, member of the Cube Cult, is absolutely outraged by that as well as the rest of the Cube Cult. The fabric of the universe, known as “pixels” by humans are in truth billions of Cubes glued to each others (The Realm Eye, page 14, Book of wisdom), and by destroying the rare organic Cube forms on the beaches and elsewhere, you will destroy the very matter of the universe.

By the end of Halloween the new fame bonuses will be added to the production servers leading in a potential horde of players in max dps sets massacring every poor Cube in sight. A genocide. Cubes are humans too ! Together, we can stop this. Stop killing cubes today! :fist:


I beg to differ.



Nay, thou art the heretic that doth preach false doctrines, O anteambulate rogue! Thou art a mere supplicant of that knave Maelstrom God, Cronus! He is a lowly worshipper of cubes; a turncoat of the Elder Gods of Space that birthed them all.


All hail the rightful building blocks of the universe and their stewards, Zarbis and Uruthaguruthag!

Tiet tiet rai hah! May the other Elder Gods shape them into new cosmic bodies. Blessed be the infinite Paragons!


Parasitic Oryx’s Castle and Wine Cellar is the worst-looking content this game has ever offered and looks like a project even an amateur artist would scrap.


CDirk has a bad sprite.


finally, an unpopular opinion


That’s it! I’m gonna make that thread now. I’m done with this :sweat:

Edit: It is done. Henceforth, all irrelevant posts to the point of this discussion will be banished :smiling_imp:


unpopular opinion: elder realms is canon lmao


Not even kidding, I pretend it is, though I (mostly) keep it to myself.




Unpopular opinion:losing Superior and Monocle to Mushroom Sentinel and losing 3/4 O3 set to big fidgets is bad


Savage :joy:


realm is too hardcore,

i tried playing realm a few months ago and went into various discord and now u need certain maxed chars on certain chars with many of my favs being banned and must have this this and this ut or this combination, but have voice chat. The earliest public discord group was the pitch that (I actually got asked to help moderate but had university, the old days) just had to have voice chat, even like a year ago u could just go with a max char with 2/8 atk dex (well depending on the discord) but now everything is so restrictive. Im even a somewhat vetran person who has many of the gear despite most of them being newer, but for newbies how are they supposed to get those gear?

Also I hate most is the restriction of class, like many just ban mystics ( this I get why), assassins and other classes that have low dps, its like if u went into a moba game and banned champions (which i think they do), classes in mobile cod, characters in ssb.

And even if u have great gear, it doesn’t make u more helpful than when u had bad gear, if I went in with old tops and a 4/8 i would play normally, but If i went in with 8/8 end game ut gear, I’m going to play really passively --> do less dps overall. Also lots of gear is banned, mainly gear that focuses more on defensive rather than offensive, but you know the saying of good defence is a good offense, if I’m always afraid to go in bc my def/hp sucks then I’m not doing dps, but if i have a good def i can do more dps. This is why i hate the restrictions so much, i get the point of them having at least like old tops of banning some absolutely useless st’s. Also this kills the creativity and freedom of playing a game.


I wonder how many people actually like those strict Discords. I don’t care if you hate the group but love the efficiency for loot; I count that as pro-Discord. It’s an impossible poll to post on these forums (and sketchy without the silent playerbase; they make up the largest group), because we represent so little of the playerbase and are likely incredibly biased, but wouldn’t it be interesting what the answer would be either way?

Are Discords truly a major artery of the game, or are they a giant facade, an illusion of grandeur that aren’t what they appear?


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discords are cool but no longer as efficient as I would like. nowadays I just find a bunch of a friends and guildies if I want efficiency. if there’s no one on i’ll go discords for the easy keys. the thing i like most about discords is the social aspect, a lot of the eos in pub halls will unmute you if you just ask and it’s nice to have someone to chat with. a big group breaks the monotony - it’s kinda hard to carry a conversation in normal realm chat. if it’s a dungeon that most people’d consider “hard” then I just mute the rl, but event runs are nice because the rls aren’t really there to lead, moreso to gather keys and the dungeon just goes on from there.