Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I definitely understand where you are coming from with the social aspect, a few days ago I was running ice caves in discord and the person running it just unmuted a few people and it was really cool to see some realmers just screwing around and having fun fun. It gave me a nice feeling, and it made me kinda just happy to play realm I guess


To an extent; while armored itself has had a hefty nerf, the helm can now be used permanently, giving you enough def for most scenarios.


new jugg is more powerful despite the nerf to armored


Oh wow didn’t realize the cooldown was drastically decreased. It is strong now indeed


yup, the 2x -> 1.5x nerf to armored sux but instead you get:

  • perma armored (AND you can be armored while speedying at the same time, one of the downsides to old jugg)

  • much more leniency with how much time you spend in combat depending on content / your gear setup. like candy has a setup where you can farm glands the exact same as pre vital combat (i.e. the highest dmg “thing” you can take is a medusa bomb, and it doesn’t put you in combat) which is very powerful


Did that few time and I can charge through armies of gods as a petless Warrior.


The court magician sorcerer set is actually very good, even though you have low mana you would have enough mp to use the scepter around the time the Cooldown is done. You also have decent dps, and knowing you are a fricking magician bunny is the coolest thing ever


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Not gonna lie, getting endgame whites with large group (such as Discord) is nothing to be proud of. I will be surprised if I got one but I won’t feel it as an accomplishment.

Let’s say MBC whites. Obtaining them all using large group Discord raid is nothing.

But when you soloed raid LH and obtained those respective whites, now that is something to be proud of.

Same logic with Void/O3 whites (even though you can’t solo raid Void without sufficient DPS).


oh yeah ive thought for a long time that endgame whites hold no flex because of raiding discords.


yah ive been doing more and more duo cult/mbc and duo shatts recently, its in a weird way is easier and way more satisfying.


I would say dammah and oryx 3 exclusive items do still hold flex, because even with the raiding discords you truly need to learn to dodge, and its not easy.


agreed o3 no matter what org u doin is hard asf and i got respect for people who can do that wack shit


People with trashy pcs have to do endgame in small groups anyway :sunglasses:

disclaimer: this does not mean i do endgame in small groups anyway, im kinda garbage and out of practise rn


oh yeah my pc is so trashy.

During the free rune event i tried a few for the miniboss, and found out that I cannot do dammah, and if I get leuc counter, I cannot do it. Both because my pc is way too bad to be able to handle it


Covert is more suitable for crowd clearing compared to cbow.


Oryx katana needs a nerf and rework, I don’t want another ripper - this time that literally the whole game can get


Oryx 3 whites are all bad. Colo sword, ogmur, breastplate, crown / omni. Miniboss whites in its majority is worth more than o3 whites.


I agree with all of them except for colo. I think that divinity is much better than it. More range (I think) slightly less damage, but armor piercing AND enemy piercing.


divinity for clearing enemies
shield best stun but high skill threshold
armor is better dps than mercy, cant really compare to breastplate (more survivability)
horn is more survivability than crown, omni is more of a flex item since its better to focus on specific stats (like dps or survivability)