Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


actually, “strong word meant to convey emotion is that a *term, usually positive/negative adjective” without the question mark is an acceptable, if not most grammatically correct way of saying something that America has unofficially adopted. So both of you are technically right… no point arguing over pointless things like this when Mike still has yet to get his air umbrella back. #justiceformikethesuperbacker


mad lab isn’t too hard, and you get one of the most integral items to sorc right there


I just realized that Equlibrium said assassin was an abysmal failure


Chest events are awesome, for the first hour or two. After that it feels like hell. Really What id love more is very short events, say a 12 hour or less chest event but the chest actually drops loot.


That is just unfair to people, thats why chest event last 2+ days at minimum


The unconsistency between items and reskins suck. Something shouldn’t have 1000 feed power and 6% xp bonus and the reskin shouldn’t have 750 feed power and 7% xp bonus. The reskin should be similar in feed power but definitely a little less and the xp bonus shouldn’t be higher than the original items xp bonus.


Well, I don’t think it would be a good idea. For example I have college and it’s pretty demanding recently and not much time to play. Therefor I would miss 90% or so of the events if they were only 12 hours or less.


what’s your major? (if you do not wanna tell dont)

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Buff image image damage/shots


Ok that’s not RotMG-related.


Full Skip LH is a no, just no.

Raiding an endgame dungeon is meant to take your time, not rushing like nuts.


Since when? Are they not allowed to go quicker, if they know the dungeon enough? Shouldnt knowing a difficult dungeon by heart be rewarded by getting loot faster? Shouldnt near-perfect teamplay be rewarded as such? Shouldnt coming up with strange or insane strategies be rewarded the same?

Maybe a thorough explanation would be long, but I just feel like what you gave is too less.

Heck, you can come up with anything unrational and itll be fine; isn’t this thread called ‘‘Post you unpopular opinions about realm here’’? As long as I can get a feel of why LH fullskips are a no no.


I can’t speak for Sakura, but I personally don’t like the amount of content skipping that does. I know a lot of people don’t care, but back to the ol’ loot box simulator analogy. What’s the point of the game if you’re so hyper efficient, moving around in an unstoppable dps ball? You’re hunting loot, but for what? You’re already accomplishing the very thing the gear would normally help you with by beating the end-game dungeons, so we’re caught in this never ending cycle.

I’m not fully calling out rushing. Not in Discords, but I do it too, sometimes! It’s exhilarating. But I still feel that the fun lies in the journey. This problem isn’t unique to this game by any means, but it is certainly one of the finer examples I’ve seen of manifesting that concept. I’m not terribly surprised several of our (formally devoted!) veteran players have burned out.

As a deviating side note, reflecting back, I guess the reason I’ve lasted so long with this game is partly because I’ve limited myself in what I do and don’t do, like some other games. I’m by no means addicted; I can still stop without feeling any kind of regrets or withdrawals. It’s partly because I’m curious about where the devs are going with this game ever since DECA bought it, and partly that I like to toy with possible lore to spice it up. It’s also probably the first time I’ve more seriously interacted with a playerbase directly…

Dang it, now I’m getting all philosophical with myself! :sweat_smile:


got reminded of this while browsing realmeye
it shows drop chances


This game is harsh. It doesnt fool around. For every hit you take you gotta hit back. For some players (and partly me), the goal is about beating the game, and every time you kill a boss, you achieve just that. But wait… doing so quicker is even better :sunglasses:.

And then there are others that tag along just to hunt loot.

Exactly! Coming up with stupid strategies (Wizards EPing crystal prisoner while knights stun her and paladins boost atk) that end up paying off (crystal prisoner dies in 10 seconds) is what I like about this game. Unfortunately no one does this kind of thing.

Which hunter has never been tired after a long hunt? They ought to stop and rest for awhile, unless they seek death.

this line was stating the obvious, so it got removed


Interesting. It pings me twice when you edit it. :thinking:


Oh g I’m so sowwy

@WaterPower It’s ok, man. I was just intrigued! -Book


read the rest of the page yo
“Also, since it does not scale with dexterity, items that give dexterity make tiered weapons more viable. On a warrior with divinity, mercys bane, and a crown, its DPS is comparable to a T9 sword.”

it’s really a shame how bad divinity is right now, and the fact that although they drop from the same place, horn and divinity are absolutely useless trash when used alongside eachother is kinda unacceptable. I really hope divinity gets a rework that makes it scale better with attack speed increases.

I suppose one slightly good thing is that daze does not really affect divinity much at the moment, so it is a great swap for when you’re getting dazed

edit: also wanna point out that this doesn’t make divinity useless at all, since it still is the best piercing weapon for melees, if you’re hitting multiple enemies consistently it definitely still outshines colo sword, and it excels in places like godlands where you can insta an entire godwall with one left click whereas colo sword would have a really hard time.


Well shorter chest events mean more quantity in events. So you would probably be able to do a similar amount of the events as you normally would. I think DECA should really cut down their new content and focus more on fixing pre-existing bugs. Every update they bring seems to consistently have tons of bugs.


Thing is, there’s not that much overlap between backend devs and the more frontend focused designers.
None of the UGC members can fix annoying bugs like Vault items visually disappearing, nor can Kidd or Toast do anyfin about it.
What they can do is create or revise new content, as they’ve been doing, and that, in turn, is unlikely to interfere with the work of devs on bugs.