Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Getting 4000 extra fame for killing cubes is even more dumb than getting a fame bonus for killing none.


ghostly prism is pointless




didn’t realize they buffed it… i dropped all the ones i had as i made that post :sob:


I think Kabam intended to do something like how we use t0 prism today, aka low mp cost if you don’t care about decoys


I use them to wreck constructs besides the low tp cost. And you know, it’s exhilarating to get in a risky situation, lay a few mines, and tp out before you get hit in fights!


Best way to counter Pet Stasis shots is to not bring a pet with you.
Can’t be robbed if I don’t have any money.


stars should be more then just about getting fame.


Off topic, but you still have the injured santachu clone pfp from several years back and that makes me happy

Edit: The Pikaplague


oh yes, i left for a while and never changed it


The Void top weapon sprites should be reverted to O.G. sprites seeing as the tiers didn’t end at the Void and the O3 weapons look fine besides kusanagi

edit: that’s… that’s really it. OG splendor needs to be put back with the long hilt like with t11+ weapons


It was nice to (accidentally) solo an OT and be able to charge through the pet stasis bullets with little fear, because the game had unequipped my pet (yet again), and I didn’t notice until I was halfway through the dungeon on my ninja lol

You’re pet attacks do nothing!


I feel sorry for the people with the purple names who gave money for this Unity project. I don’t feel they’re getting their money’s worth, and it’s not being used properly.


Yeah, I kinda agree with you, but they did get a fricking djinja skin


If the star system ever gets updated to require more than fame checkpoints, everyone should have their stars reset. :sunglasses:

I guarantee most players would hate that, but I would be cackling amidst the calamity, as Nero with Rome!


I’d also love to become a light blue star again. Being a white star feels like still water in a pond really.


If stars reset I might actually quit the game


I wouldn’t.


Discords are fine. Honestly, this game is supposed to be a team effort, so I don’t get why people are complaining about using an optimized team.

Reconstruction Teasers

Except it feels like hell after a while especially in large group?