Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


DPS items are overrated


Tlatoani’s Shroud is a good robe, it rewards a lot if you can dodge.


Wait a second, is that the thicket robe or the forbidden jungle robe?




Rushing, ppes and maximising dps are what I find fun in the game but you do you


Yeah, I just like feeling like I am an elite veteran player who maximizes efficiency and has crazy dps. Might sound stupid and you might say I’m not, cus ofc I’m not, but I like feeling like it :smiley:


I mean, that’s kinda the point of this thread lol

I also really like having DPS. I think DPS items are pretty good, but I don’t think they deserve all of the hype they get. I wasn’t intending to make anyone feel like I was attacking them for using these items, I would just always pick an ubhp over a crown


O3 ruined the economy, a lot.


Not sure if that’s unpopular


or an opinion


Event Bosses should spawn at least twice a realm.

It further incentivises realm clearing and provides more chances to attempt a variety of dungeons, especially if you’ve already missed that 1 sentry and its portal by a singular minute.


I think apiary is better than beehemoth, ring and no ring


just got through a lil over half of the page before realizing i still had a half more to read, and stopped reading
Fame Bonuses - the RotMG Wiki |
this page is tl;dr
how are you supposed to remember all this?


Exaltation is a money grabber available for just a handful of people, and the two guilds keeping this game alive as seen by Top RotMG Players by Exaltations 1-101 | are Lana Del Rey and Black Bullet

tell me the below dungeons aren’t done solely by keys and mystery shop gifts (runes)

  • Life: Oryx’s Sanctuary
  • Mana: The Void
  • Attack: The Shatters
  • Defense: Lost Halls
  • Speed: Cultist Hideout
  • Dexterity: The Nest
  • Vitality: Crystal Cavern
  • Wisdom: Fungal Cavern


But if you private realmeye, only people with trackers can find you. Compare that with people who only find you through realmeye. Yeah. The tracker portion of the community is quite small (though persistent) anyway


i swear, all the latest updates have been centered around making the wiki as outdated as possible


It’s literally just a formula applied to multiple dungeons/enemies/etc. Just remember the basis for each of the fame bonus, and you’re golden.

The only “unique” bonuses are found in the stat bonuses sections. Which are less than a page long.


thanks for the tl:dr

i always counted on people and word of mouth for my rotmg news rather than actually read the wiki and reddit pages and whatnot :stuck_out_tongue:


you take that back, Hipster is god-tier rushing and general play


oh my god how many times are people going to be quoting this deliberately unpopular opinion from an entire 2 years ago

alright alright alright here’s my latest justification:
trickster is bad because she’s so hot I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing and end up getting her killed in some terrible accident. my poor heart can’t stomach doing that to such a gorgeous woman so I can’t bring myself to use her and I just leave her to her own business while I ship her with huntress and silently chant “kiss kiss kiss” every time the two of them get in the same vicinity. I can’t play trickster and do all of that! therefore trickster is a bad class.