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Fanfic time.
yes, this is a threat




Using (G)Clover and Loot potions for pot-farming on GLand is worth it.

I barely see anyone does that but when I do, more pots with same amount of efforts (but not always).


I’m sorry sir, it’s time for you to leave.


Ohmydoom you lucky bastard I need to get that one day. If I ever come back that is…

I’m curious, what did you use it with?


I slap it on my experimental 8/8 Sorcerer (chowed down a Mana Candy to get rid of it). Ok back to topic, that Sorc is my GLand farmer.

Only got 2 Shrouds from the Mighty Chests though. Really underrated item.

At 1st I found it useless, but if you can dodge well on GLand, then this Shroud is god-tier if paired with Geb Ring (or UBMP if you want to spam that scepter even more).

I use it with Geb Ring, Recomp and T6 Scepter. No swapouts so I can hold all 16 pots when farming.


Not to mention, Exaltations are also locked behind Discord raid servers, render the whole thing Discord-oriented and have to rely on it.


Next update is going to significantly hurt the game. Lots of players are gonna bail on the game during and after oryxmas.


Also Rotmg Exalt is still completely subpar to what flash was in terms of actual bullet hell gameplay. For one, the delay between taking damage and the damage appearing in the hp bar is just ridiculous.


I used to abuse that on flash lol

So far, I’ve never played on a proper gaming pc, so I’ve always been used to some degree of lag and playing on the browser client (my parents don’t like me downloading games). When I messed up, I’d see the damage numbers appear above my head, kinda panic inside for a second, then ctrl+w and survive with a full health bar, even though I’d just waded through one of the Avatar’s tentacles. I mean, I’d always DC from certain dungeons, like Davys, Cem, and OT (and occasionally the nexus and once even the damn vault, HOW), but it did have some (rather questionable) benefits, I guess.


Yeah lol, I remember doing that soo many times, even on the flash client and even nexusing worked


I would do that if I was rubberbanding badly back then too. Thankfully, I haven’t had as much of a need to do it with Unity, but there were a couple of times on my end that messed up, and I was wishing to have ctrl+w back


tomb isn’t an end game dungeon


That’s such an old comment you replied to


was tomb ever endgame during deca tho?






In 2016 it was


Can you elaborate on exactly what makes you say that? People have made that same prediction with just about every major update, and it has yet to come to fruition.


assume it was because of the consumable update (mainly; being unable to store hp pots in your inventory)