Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Yes, I know you know what I meant, but it was more for bookwyrm. He didnt reply to you but he might reply to me, anyway I just wanna know if my point got across.


That’s why I asked :sweat_smile:


Something to add to the DECA vs Kabam thing: I think a lot of people look at the Kabam era with rose tinted glasses and forget how much of an aby rushing simulator it was. Seriously, it was ridiculous.


Lol whoever knows a thing or two about the lab can solo it easily with 0/8 char


it is permanent tho


The post you are replying to was made in October 2018, when jugg was not permanent.


takes time tho


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I’m glad to see this put into words, it’s 12:18, I have work tommorow, I said I was going to bed 2 hours ago


ray katana is good


And since you can craft it without legendary materials, there’s no reason for people to not have this utility on their ninja.

:open_mouth::raised_hand: Hear that folks? Don’t ever flex on me with your ninja if you don’t have a ray katana or its reskins! :grin:


there is a reason, it sucks


Does your star do all the ranged damage that you do not need extra range?


why would i need any extra range if i’m a ninja?


Sometimes you cannot be at the usual 4,745-5 tiles range while having rather low defense due to wearing a leather armor.

But hey, I’m no ninja expert, maybe if one is godlike at the class they can safely attack at any range.


Ima be totally honest, defense doesn’t really matter unless it’s a huge amount of defense (over ten). Because chances are, no matter if I’m wearing tenne or golem garments, if I take a good amount of shots I probably will die.


Defense matters because it determines the damage that causes you to go into ic


but your def is so low anyway most things put you in ic


I’m pretty much always in combat unless I purposely dip out of a fight :sweat_smile:


I’d point out that just because one of the stats is tied to a system doesn’t necessarily mean it matters in the end. and as an example, here’s probably one of the least popular opinions of all time: atk and dex don’t matter either.

“but they affect how much damage you do! that’s about as direct an impact on gameplay as you can get! this proves Xaklor is dumb and all of her opinions on rotmg are equally poorly thought out, I win”

does it though? obviously it affects your dps, but does it affect your dps enough that it actually matters? in my experience the answer has always been “no”, unless comparing the dps output of a freshly leveled 0/8 compared to a maxed character. this new item or whatever adds 15 atk? cool, don’t care. this is sort of why HP became so dominant in the first place, the only difference most people regularly experience and/or are invested in avoiding is the ability to not die via shotgun, and only HP helps with that. I’d be willing to wager defense here has a similar case going for it; yes it affects what can and can’t put you into IC, but the number of projectiles in the game that would be affected by relatively small changes is probably very low.