Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


No. Just no. Not even close. 130 mp for 5 wis, 5 att, and 12 defense?


Yes <3


Sorc and mystic are bad




I vouch for PRC, having tried both recently, WIS builds are pretty fun but oh so much more when you have high MP as well.

Also, ritual robe is way harder to get than Tlatoani while both accomplishing the same goal, just in different ways.

More personnally, the low defense you have to bear when wearing Tlatoani makes me dodge more, so it makes me more aware and as such I enjoy the game more.


Why wouldn’t you dodge normally



The Shroud can be crafted easily (I can sacrifice 9 Expo I forged) and therefore it can be replaced immediately.

Ritual Robe however, requires to massive amount of Forgefire (you now have to w8 for 6 days assume you do not have BP to reduce its cost), Malus marks, 3 endgame whites to sacrifice…

No Defence given though…


Yeah absolutely zilch defense. Stop the cap that shroud is better than ritual


thats what waterpower was saying…


I do dodge, just less often because of the fact that I’m being forgiven all the time.

Compare that to my 90+ def knight and I don’t really care for dodging or even noticing the dmg I take.


omni is actually good?

everyone hates on omni so much :c


Omni good. Dunno why people hate on it tbh, one of the best sprites too


wait a minute, the unpopular opinion is supposed to be thinking that omni is bad


that has been the unpopular opinion long enough it’s turned semi popular


good, because omni sucks


i thought you like spd


yes, so why would i use omni when sourcestone exists


that doesn’t mean it sucks compared to crown and horn and deca


it does suck, because i would never use it


do you have an infinite supply of sourcestones and gemstones