Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


no, i’ve never been in a void because they’re discord locked so i can’t even get an omnipotence ring in the first place either


Ok so uh piercing is super underrated. I get that it isn’t useful on single bosses but it’s like people don’t realize that if you hit two enemies it’s double dps, three is triple, etc. that turns not so strong weapons to top tier damage dealers when clearing enemies


Why would I use omni when I can use Amulet of Dispersion?



kek nice bait


quest requiring 2 MBC marks and 2 cult marks for voided chest disagrees
and if you dont like quests well dont tell me youll never have a chance at an omni


i’ve never done an mbc either


Dammit, you’re right. You’re not getting an omni soon. Never tried guild ones?




Lost Halls guild runs. Or with a few friends, whatever floats your boat.






May God help you, friend.

edit: oh, well then my words still stand then


yeah cause sourcestone is better, and they both drop from the same boss so


You two are in the same guild :joy:

There’s only a few members who are able to fight that thing right now. I still struggle with it, though I’ve beaten it a few times (honestly, that probably has more to do with me generally running LH in small pub runs)

That doesn’t mean we can’t all practice!


Would be cool if deathgrips made some songs on realm


Wait you’re right XD.

i mean, i havent been playing with you guys for long so…




Assassin is the second best potion / fame farming character (first being wizard)



  • Avatar, killer bee nest and miner event should be completely optional, like the lost sentry. They require much more effort to take down than everything else in the realm, Oryx’s castle and even O1 himself, and break the flow of the main game loop.

  • Csword is really underrated. It’s a perfectly viable weapon if you’re playing solo or in a small/unorganized group. In those cases survivability is more important than DPS.

  • I have conflicting opinions towards the “reconstruction” updates. The reconstructed dungeons are objectively better than their old incarnations (for the most part) but it feels like Deca just erased a huge chunk of the game’s history.

  • After the release of Oryx’s Sanctuary, Omni has completely lost its status as the ultimate flex ring it was supposed to be. It desperately needs a buff (in order to compete with new sanctuary rings) and its drop location changed from void to O3 (with all previous rings kept as legacy items). On top of that, its description and appearance match the “exaltation” motif pretty well.


Avatar and miner doesn’t take that long but Nest should be revamped in a way to make it not so annoying, omni is still the ultimate flex ring because of it’s rarity and is still a viable ring. I feel with some veteran players in that the new reconstruction of the dungeons as they’re a very nice touch that deca has done but they should also do something else in order to keep at least some part of the original dungeons history, but no more or less the game and we all have to move on since if every single dungeon stayed the same for the next few years realm can’t really grow but more or less dwindle down. That’s my take on your unpopular opinion.


While it is just 2-3 more Defence boost, CC Armor and Nil makes a significant difference than Anni and Levi Armors in terms of IC/OoC for casual gameplay.