Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I can respect this one, but Realm used to have the event bosses set to be hard (even if artificially). The ents, liches, oasis giants, and so forth were for individuals/tiny groups, whereas the true event bosses, like the shrine, penteract, cube god, and so forth took a lot more effort and coordination (and might be considered annoying like the nest for the crazy, nonsensical bullet spraying). These are merely newer events for a newer, far more learned/equipped playerbase.

I agree with this! Same with the Ray.

A grim reality… but at least we still (sort of) got to keep the old Arachna design, yes?

I think I’ll pass giving my opinion on that. :sweat_smile:


Deca should refund the player who possesses them by giving them the SB version of the respective items.

Practice dungeons should exist (and yes, you have to risk your character as if it is in the real dungeon) but the particular key cannot be depleted.


not sure if this is unpopular or just unknown, point for point atk or dex is better than a mix of dps stats (even on a wizard)




When though?


Oh… Didn’t realize it.


No prob. Ima delete my posts because they clutter up the thread


wdym point for point?


I believe what they’re saying is that +2 atk is better than +1 atk +1 dex, same goes for +2 dex


Ah thanks.

Well, while I don’t actually care about min-maxing (yet), @MetaGorm, I always preferred focusing on either of these stats.


It is very dependent on your class and how balanced your stats are as well as how many shots you shoot but as enemy defence increases generally atk is better. In fact at 85 def and above UBatk actually beats crown or potato on a wizard.


(The crossover point for superior is 53 def)


Wow, well thx. Now I’m definitely dismantling my ice crown.


What? No definitely don’t. The only thing with 85+ that won’t be armorbroken is stone guardians, and crown also gives 110hp



What made you think that would make me keep it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

This isn’t gonna work, here’s a tip: I DON’T like HP on a ring, unless its a minor boost in which case I don’t mind. If I want a defensive ring, I’ll almost always go for defense.


Uh, why? Are you like prc and like to be different or smth?


Look I don’t see the effect of hp that much on the easy-medium content and thats where I mostly play. As such, HP has the same effects, if not less, of DEF. Thing is, a UBDEF is way cheaper than a UBHP.



:disappointed:chill I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that I just wondered :sweat:


Nothing in that part of the game has enough def to make ubatk better than crown, even if you’re allergic to hp for some reason it’s still better for you to keep the crown


quite true