Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Stone guardians? Nightmare colony?!?! :grin:

I’m not that allergic to hp rings, @PRCSakura can vouch for me on that; he saw me lvl up some characters with t5 hp rings. But I do have light reactions at the touch of cheap metal, just nothing to call an ambulance for.

Also, an ability is way funnier than a ring, except some like snake eye or crystallized mist.

Sorry if I sounded agressive, was going for a more funny thing but clearly didnt work out well.


Yeah I noticed.

Ok we gonna be careful here or this is going to another flame war…


Oh true, I’ll stop right there.

Also, wizard’s tiered spell need a buff. More shots or added wavyness, it just feels like they are made for group control rather than single target bullying, as many bosses do not sit perfectly on the center of a tile and you need them to be in order to deal the full dmg (i think?).

after rereading my own replies, im noticing that im taking too much space so ill go radio silence on this thread for awhile


Um there is legit a function in the dungeon that takes away all defense


you say that like realmers aren’t complete fucking monkeys




The Garfield Garland Bow isn’t really as bad as I’ve heard people say it is. It may be a little clunky to use sometimes, but its sheer clearing potential is somefin I greatly enjoy. It’s ridiculously effective for clearing through Crusades, honestly.


Piggy backing on this, cult staff is extremely efficient in clearing crusades, especially in a solo cult with fungal/para spell


I don’t think that one’s unpopular though given that they cared enough to invent hacks that flip it around to point forwards


ok fair


ROTMG economy and value of ut & st items got ruined by the fact each new dungeon essentially meant 3 new item sets that are the best in the game, essentially making every other item in the game introduced before them not worth using


I’m confused.


Items from Sanctuary and LH are so powerful that previously useful items (think items that drop anywhere from godlands stuff to tombs/OT) are no longer worth holding for many players.

They were once used regularly by endgame players, and now they serve only as transitional items for players on their way to endgame content.


why is doku bad? its on par with t13 if you hit the poison and it has a fun shot pattern (also is my favorite katana lol)


that post was made a little over 2 years ago before doku got a poison effect and it was basically a worse T12 with a shot pattern I really didn’t enjoy


Chest events is slowly killing the game with dopamine overload. The more you entertain the apes with pretty chests the more they hate the game when there isnt a chest event. I even feel this to an extent. We went from the neglectful parent nammed Kabam to the parent that raids your personal space constantly nammed Deca. I really love what theyve managed to do but to be honest the sensory overload is just too much and i feel like it will tire out most players and the playerbase will dwindle if they dont stop babying the community with the titty milk. Also i feel like Deca is more of a record label to be honest because most of all content that’s been given to us has been preexisting or community made. So deca merely profits off our hard work and dedication to they game and they know we cant quit so they keep pinching our pennies knowing we dont have a choice. Oh this is unpopular opinions not absolute destructive factoids. And also their hands off approach to everything nammed realm is really annoying. They could end the hacking epidemic if theh wanted but they wana line their wallets instead of improving the realm experience.


I never understood why people care so much if the content is made by the testers or by Deca when the alternative is just less content. Whats the difference anyway?


Plus someone still had to code it in.


This might be controversial (sorry!), but I personally feel it makes quite an important difference.

The UGC group has no financial incentive to produce content. As far as I understand it, the only motivation they have to keep doing what they’re doing is a diacritical desire to stand out from the crowd - to make their own personal mark on the game, get their own credit in a dungeon key or skin description, etc. Certainly I’ve noticed that many of them are fond of advertising their individual contributions on their forum profiles and reddit flairs. One designer whose work I generally really enjoy (although technically not UGC) has 5+ easter eggs in the game (no shade but that’s a lot). Now as far as I’m concerned this is an entirely forgivable and human instinct - surely you shouldn’t be blamed for seeking the recognition you deserve for your hard work…

However, for me the issue arises because this endless hunt for recognition is not properly systematised. All the many members of the UGC group seem to be striving for the same thing. A sort of agonism arises. Because each individual voice is clamouring to be heard - to receive the recognition that is their only reward - each UGC member that produces content is sort of obligated to make themselves distinct and identifyable. The result is irreperable damage to the character, tone, and aesthetic unity of the game. By the very ease at which I can guess who designed what these days, my main impression is that RotMG is sorely lacking in a holistic vision, and quite frankly taste. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a fairly jaded old bone with nostalgia for the charming simplicity of wildshadow days but I cannot ignore how much it cheapens the experience of the game for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful for all the wonderful work the UGC are doing to keep the game afloat. But I can’t help but feel that, in an ideal world, I would personally rather labour under the illusion of a fully integrated UGC that produces content under the explicit aegis of DECA, instead of competing for recognition at great cost to the game’s tonal/ aesthetic/ thematic consistency.

unpopular opinions amirite :3

edit: I also wanted to mention that DECA’s plan of ‘reconstruction’ is a functional solution to my concerns - if absolutely everything gets reconstructed. I wouldn’t mind sacrificing the game’s ancient heritage for the sort of professional consistency it surely deserves!


I have a certain (unpopular amongst players maybe?) servant of her majesty the :crown: :honeybee: in mind.

Surely we’re thinking about the same guy. Though I do not know about the technicality of UGC.

Well sometimes, if you share your opinion enough it might not even be that unpopular, but yeah I get the beat.:wink:

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