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Not only do the claws have limited availability while the T7 Waki is up for grabs whenever someone feels like doing an O3, the item itself is somewhat overrated (good for sure, but not something to be that hyped about). For a Ninja to continuously use the claws, they would have to wait three seconds between each usage, since it takes that long to regenerate ~90 MP using a Lvl 90 pet + standard WIS. The 2025 damage that the claws’ projectiles can potentially dish out only amounts to 675 DPS, while the Waki can still maintain its 690. It’s also important to note that the damage output for the claws is more unpredictable. As for the Killer Instincts, there’s only a 1/3 chance of actually receiving the buff, and it’s not even like it buffs both DEX and ATT – it randomly chooses one of the two. And like I said in my previous post, we haven’t even yet talked about the whopping +7 DEX from the Waki that (I’ll have you know) is permanent.

With the way I’m wording things, I’m aware that it may seem I’m derogating the Ninja as an inferior class. I’m not. I’m just saying that the Samurai is more than capable of rivaling the Ninja when it comes to pure DPS. Exposing an enemy when fighting in a large group can be a godsend, and the group’s overall DPS can increase drastically. Even in solo play, the Samurai can still hold his ground. While this does creep out of the DPS question and more into the general “Samu vs Ninja” debate, the Samu’s ability to tank more while dealing basically the same damage, and sometimes even more, could make him a better choice in some areas. At some point, solo DPS becomes meaningless – no one cares if a character can deal 3000 or 3100 DMG in x seconds. I see people (and I don’t mean you guys, I’m talking about random people all over) comparing the two classes and coming to their conclusion that the Ninja is always better just because apparently a huge portion of the general playerbase thinks the Samu’s weak? ATT and DEX caps aren’t the entire story, and Wakis can do so much more than some people want to believe.


Oh I’ve got a good one.

The VBlade changes are fine. It’s pretty clear that it was made because they didn’t want the possibility of phase skipping or insta killing hanging over their head when designing a boss. That’s understandable. Same line of thinking as when they nerfed puri. (IMO they should’ve gone with a more EP approach and made it higher risk higher reward but like I said, its fine.)


It’s still an ok item but it went from one of the most fun and unique items to something a lot less fun and interesting. To insta bosses with it you had to coordinate a group very well and know the boss well too, if you can pull of an Insta then well done, you deserve it. Also with the dungeon remakes like udl and wlab you can’t phase skip like you can with older bosses so if the don’t like instas just add that but make it a lot higher so poisons and damage exaltations and pets can’t insta things so easily(and if they manage to pull it of then well done them)


Court dungeons should get once per realm encounters


I don’t think thats the proper way to go about fixing the courts. Deca mentioned they plan to rework the court system, which im interested to see how it goes, but I think we have enough realm encounters, to where new ones for old content would just clog the realm more.


Well, the dungeons themselves are fine. They just need to have more accessibility. By once per realm encounters I meant something like Janus would be in the realm, so you could access all of them through one thing. It disappoints me how cool dungeons like reef and thicket are basically only done through keys when there is an event.


yeye the dungeons are tight, nothing wrong with them. but i still think with it being the Court of Oryx, they should have something to do with the castle loop in sone regard, maybe something post wc to make it less out of the way, and an alternate to o3 rather than o1/2. still, i think the court needs much more of an overhaul for the system of access than just an event in realm or an extra in castle, i just think placing it after wc would temporarily make it easier to access.


That gets me thinking… a horrible idea that I would find hilarious to have implemented would be that instead of the stone guardians dropping a portal to Oryx, Janus would serve the purpose of leading to Oryx’s chamber. He certainly makes a fancier entrance to the chambers of the Mad God! I don’t even really mind if the little statues are still a requirement for unsealing the passageway.

Then, after O1, you proceed to the wine cellar, and a new system could be implemented to require efforts in the halls to unlock the Court of Oryx. It could be something as simple as hiding keys in the wine barrels, even (that might even help to mitigate the rushing mentality somewhat)! Those dungeons could serve as a niche replacement to O3, as public runs are very hit and miss about opening those (though it does happen!).

You’d have to tweak Craig’s dialogue a little, but that seems easy enough. Actually, I’m not thinking that this would be such a horrible idea, now that I’m fleshing it out in my mind more… any thoughts?



srry for the text in image form realmeye wouldn’t let me post this big of a post



T13 weapons should drop from the same bosses as T14 armor. We have a new top tier of weapons and there’s absolutely no reason for the previous one to be limited only to the 2 endgame locations.

If Oryx Horde event was released after the introduction of vital combat, it would have been almost universally liked.

New cdepths are perfectly fine and really well balanced, both in terms of difficulty and drops.

Dammah is currently the best designed boss in the game. RotMG needs more “slow bullet hell” type fights.


Never thought I’d see anyone else than me rooting for esben ring. Welcome to the club, friend.

Spelling - words, that is - is not your problem. Its just how you structure your sentences, but even that is inconsequential. you gud bud


To me, t13 weapons are significantly stronger to t12 than t14 armors are to t15. I believe as of right now, nest and fungal/crystal are not difficult enough to warrant t13 weapons as a reward. Deca has in fact said that they do plan to rework the crystal entity fight, increasing the difficulty, and adding t13 weapons to the drop table which I am in favor of.

Can’t comment on Horde

I agree on cdepths

For dammah, I agree that we need more slow bullet hell fights, yet I disagree that it is the best designed boss. Debuff spam is rampant in Dammah, an issue still with us from pre puri nerf, and the shots are extremely punishing, especially the sickens. To me, the way to make dammah is to still keep debuffs in his fight, and the same amount of shots, but tone down how many shots deal status effects.

I personally think Crystal Worm Mother is the best designed boss. My only issue is how it is trivialized in a raid setting, and the irony of this is not lost on me, being a vrl in the fungal server. In an unorganized group, without consistent stuns and slows, it is a bullet hell, but the only debuffs are the quiet shots from exploding segments. Add to that, it’s one of the only fights that feels like it’s progressive, as killing the segments reduces the length of the mother, and you can visually see “wow we are progressing through the fight” You can easily see how far you’ve come and how far you have left.
The crystal worm father phase is actually a “slow bullet hell” type boss, yet you aren’t crippled by a debuff whenever you get hit.
The child phase is also a unique phase, it is still “killing a minion to progress the fight,” but it isn’t like mbc, when you kill things that don’t shoot or shatters, with the skittles and guardians you can easily stun and paralyze to steamroll. You have to keep yourself positioned to shoot past the head, while dodging shots from the mother as well, and the petal rotation phase isn’t seen anywhere else. A fast paced rotating shot pattern, which is easy once you learn it, but still can be quite dangerous, yet a mistake isn’t frequently crippling.
The sonic phase is also unique, in the sense that there isn’t really anywhere in the room too safe, you need to keep up with the head. In 03 rotation phases, you can stay on the other side of the room and dodging isn’t too darn difficult, and in void sonic phase, the platforms are big enough for you to be able to stay on your platform and still dodge. However, with cwm, if you aren’t constantly on the move to be ahead of the boss, you are probably going to die. It’s fast paced, and very fun


I agree. Also, when we didn’t have O3 and void was the only source of T13 weapons, the drop tables made perfect sense. But now, since they have been indirectly nerfed because of power creep and new tops, they should be a bit more accessible.

100% agree with you about the nest and fungal being too easy. Tbh, nest is not difficult enough even for T14 armor.

However, by beating crystal entity you’ve already proven that you have enough experience and patience to go through 2 long and (relatively) difficult dungeons in a row and deserve something special. Having a chance of a good weapon drop wouldn’t hurt anyone. Even at the current state of the dungeon, where the second boss is way easier than the first one.

I hope they will do it in the near future. The current crystal entity fight feels really easy and underwhelming, especially when compared to the amazing crystal worm mother fight.

Speaking of which, cwm is definitely in my top 3 bosses in the game (not sure where to put O3 yet, since i’ve been taking multiple breaks from the game and still can’t do him consistently).

I still like Dammah a little more, probably because of the large amount of concentration this fight requires. Also, despite the debuff spam, miasma is a very fun phase.


Yeah, crystal entity always felt like rushed content to me, especially how easy and unoriginal lizard and cyclops are compared to the other 3. Also, the ascension phase seems like they just thought “ok lets add whatever shot patterns we can” and rushed it to get it out as soon as they could


The new dungeon reworks are so much more visually confusing for players


What makes you say that?


Rogue is actually extremely good and fun to play as


i really like rogue, but they arent too great in groups, not much utility with em. they great for mid/late game soloing, but endgame gets hairy, especially with how difficult solos are for endgame


Aye, in groups they aren’t great. But, they can rush dungeons for groups, which I would argue is the best thing that any class could offer for the group. Though like you said in late game dungeons this isn’t really a thing.