Potato buff? So it got me thinking


Regarding the in/out of combat system, a system that essentially HEAVILY nerfs your pet while in combat. It would seem that deca is not only trying to nerf pets, but also shift focus off of the hp meta and make def more viable.

See, the only way to avoid going into combat mode and having your pets heal rate slowed down by almost 3x is to not take more than 15 damage from a shot. Taking more than 15 damage from a single shot would trigger in combat mode making most pets heal about 3x slower which is a HEAVY drag/drawback.

This would/should encourage more players to take advantage of the soon new to be def meta and get as much def as possible on a single char so their pet can continue to constantly heal them. This would mean the more def you have the higher likelier chance you wont have to feel the pain of the pet nerf, all while taking less damage as well. So it does seem that deca is trying to mainstream the def stat once again.

So, would this potentially be a way of buffing potato, making it a good well rounded anti pet nerf ring with nice offensive/defensive stats? Would people begin to appreciate the potato more, especially over the crown since crown wouldn’t defend you against the in combat pet nerf? I myself have 3 source stones 8 potatoes and 2 crowns atm, I don’t use a potato on any of my chars, but if the testing changes get rolled out I feel like I’ll def start using potato more. What’s yalls opinion and thoughts? will potato be praised, more worth using? is potato gonna become the new meta?


Potato doesn’t need a buff lol it’s broken as it is, only underappreciated :confused:


If you don’t know what the in/out combat thing refers to, see: PT: In/Out of Combat System and more!


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Idk, 770 hp on a max life char seems lil low to me, but that’s just me personally. I always either go for dps or high hp builds. My knight has 1180 hp without any hp buff and with a full wis mod gcookie I get 1300 hp.

my warrior however only has 40 def but has a insane 63 dex and 88 attack. All my robe classes I wear soulless robe cause I like to be more tanky on priest mystic wiz etc.


That’s The Point

Anyway, I think that it’ll likely become a bit more popular as time goes on post-update. People would likely still try to make HP Rings work for a period after the update drops, I think, but it’ll be a bit dependent on what thresholds it’ll break.

So a little extra math - let’s take one class of each armor type, as well as a Warrior, with full tops wearing Potato vs wearing a ring that gives no defense (f.e. Nile, or somefin):

Wizard: 25 + 13 + 6 = 44 vs 25 + 13 = 38 DEF.
Thresholds for IC: 59 damage vs 53 damage. The most important threshold in this range is 55 damage, which still isn’t dealt by a lot of shots. However, with a Soulless or Shendyt, you’ll set the threshold to 61 damage, meaning you can take a wide variety of 60 damage shots while staying OoC.

Archer: 25 + 17 + 6 = 48 vs 25 + 17 = 42 DEF.
Thresholds for IC: 63 damage vs 57 damage. Here, the 60 damage threshold is broken without needing to equip a different armor. With Nil, you could boost it up to 67 damage, meaning that 65-damage shots (like from Lil’ Feratus) won’t active IC either.

Samurai: 25 + 24 + 6 = 55 vs 25 + 24 = 49 DEF.
Thresholds for IC: 70 damage vs 64 damage. Unfortunately, unless you wear a Dominion, the 70-damage threshold is just out of Samurai’s reach. Still, you do pass the 65-threshold, which can be helpful.

Warrior: 25 + 24 + 10 + 6 = 65 vs 25 + 24 + 10 = 59 DEF.
Thresholds for IC: 80 damage vs 74 damage. Once again, barely not reaching that 80 damage threshold, which would’ve been pretty strong. Seems like Dominion users’ll be pretty happy.

These are just some general examples - you need to add a bunch more def for Knight, subtract 5 def from Warrior for Pally…still, it does seem that you can sometimes get past some thresholds with Potato.


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