Potential 50 life giveaway [closed by mods because spam is against the rules]


Entry #1


i, my number is 178
it’s unlucky but let it go
s v m v r v i


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There supposed to be a word to enter?


@Shatter @OtherBill

I genuinely don’t understand how having a high reply count actually bothers anybody. It’s not like a group chat where there is an auditory (or even visual) notification every time somebody posts. The only thing that happens is the reply count goes ++. Even for people who are “watching” the thread, RE forums condenses all replies into a single line notification.

If somebody is oddly bothered by this, they can press two buttons to mute the thread.

Regular one entry giveaways are so bland. All the giveaways I’ve done have added some sort of flavor.

What do you actually accomplish by changing these rules? Giveaway on shutdown status until mods agree to meet me in the White House with an adequate explanation.


it is a bit unreasonable - it is your thread, you should be able to do whatever you want, and they dont even need to do any of this.


We don’t need a post being spammed over shadowing other post. We do not encourage people to spam and nor should you.

Like general life rule, don’t spam.

Go do something else with your time.


Nah spam is generally not good and the max I’ve seen allowed on some forums is a dedicated section which still only allows one reply at a time.

I just didn’t see any specific rule about it, glad that it’s there now.

It’s not a waste of time if I had fun doing it, OB.

EDIT: Actually I really wish you’d kept my first and last instead of my first and 137th but mmk.


You never gave me a singe reason how this bothers anybody.

This thread is not meant for some deep discussion of the status of the game or something. It’s literal purpose is a giveaway. Sure, on a thread dedicated to on-topic discussion, I’m absolutely against spamming. But, no dumbass is going to post an epiphanic or otherwise urgent reply on a blatantly high volume thread like this.

That’s not an actual response. Stop the ad hominem insults. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to give away 50 life on a completely independent thread.

Get out of the way.


You’re getting people to spam, stop, thanks

Other threads*

If you’re allowed to do this then everyone is allowed. If everyone spams theres no forum.

Dont spam.


You’re only repeating the phrase “don’t spam” over and over again, without giving me a coherent reason as to why it’s inherently bad on this isolated thread.

I guess we can’t come to a resolution.

This thread is useless. Feel free to close it.


I don’t see anyone giving you a valid reason as to why you cannot do it. If someone were to come up with legitimate evidence as to why it is a bad thing, then the thread could come under some speculation. Until then, I just see people being annoying because they can’t bother to mute a thread.


The forum tracks stats, both for threads and users and has rankings for top posts and what is popular, and who posts the most; and some people actually care about this clout (it isn’t as prevalent a thing on these forums imo but it’s still there).

The problem is that every other thread on the forum doesn’t allow spam and so you’re artificially allowing your thread and the post counts of people spamming to inflate and rank way higher than what they should be.

Some forums have a dedicated spam section. This forum does not, hence no spam.


Yooooo been her since 2011 ;p


I’m glad you are at least able to give me a tangible and coherent argument. Thank you.

But, top topics are measured by the sum of all likes in that thread, not by how long the thread is.

Despite how many replies this thread has, it does not even come close to my top 6 threads. Check my profile if you want.


Entry 1


I will be sad if I lose :frowning:


i havent seen how to enter so i dont know how he means by spamming.

although if its just the usual by entering then its fine i think,

i think shatter might be slightly biased due to him reading every post when it comes up (do u still do that?)


Much bias


Hey you guys deleted my entries to prevent me from winning!