Potential 50 life giveaway [closed by mods because spam is against the rules]


Please explain why the rule is a bad thing, except for “I want to do this one individual thing out of everything else I could potentially do” even though there is basically no other forum/social media I can think of where spamming is allowed/encouraged. Would you really like a thread filled with NotFour “WE ARE NUMBER FOUR” spam just for the sake of being ‘wacky’ and ‘unique’?


oh rip, didnt see that.

I forgot i can use that thing.


side eyes the entire forum game section


I mean, the forum game section doesn’t have a game saying : the person that posts the most wins. Those are just games of replies.



Watcha mean?



But it’s deliberately in offtopic. Also, I’m going to go as far as to argue that those aren’t spam (except for maybe the write a word one). “General Chat” is “General Chat”. It’s not spam, it’s people talking to one another. The polls get other people’s ideas on interesting topics, though spammers do sometimes fill it with garbage. Clipboard is somewhat entertaining. I’m sure it has a purpose but I’m not actually sure what it is. The meme thread isn’t spam, it’s… memes. The difference between this thread and those is that, although they can be filled by spam, they weren’t MADE to be filled by spam.


then put the giveaway in off topic lol


Okay… but once more, it’s not purposely promoting spam.


neither is this


I’m pretty sure the original rules said who ever posted the most would win… so yeah, it did


not really


How is posting as much as you possibly can, with no purpose, not spam


there is a purpose its to get 50 life


Okay… SO he is literally promoting spam by offering a reward for it…


No purpose for anyone who doesn’t give a shit about 50 life.
Like me.


no it has a purpose the purpose is to get 50 life


then dont post here or else ur a spammer


Spam: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.